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Realization from Dafa Books Being Illegally Confiscated

April 13, 2009 |   By a practitioner in Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net ) Teacher said,

"When all sentient beings treasure Dafa, they are treasuring their own lives and being compassionate to all sentient beings. "("Definitive Conclusion" from Essentials for Further Advancement). (official translation)

But did we look inside when our Dafa books were illegally confiscated? Did the evil take advantage of us because we didn't treasure our Dafa books.

Since last June, it has been the most evil period of the last ten years in our locality. Nine practitioners have already been sentenced to prison in our small town. Our fellow practitioners have exposed the evil, sent out informational materials, and also sent forth righteous thoughts on time. However, nobody has been rescued. Li Fuguo from the national security office said: "The more you expose, the more it shows my achievements." Although we have been looking inside, we have not found the fundamental reason.

Another fellow practitioner's home was illegally searched by over ten plainclothes policemen yesterday afternoon. They confiscated Dafa books, transparent plastic bags, and CDs. Today, three practitioners had a discussion. Practitioner A asked: "How about that practitioner now?" I replied: "He is at home." At the same time, I found that I had a bad thought: "Dafa books can be replaced, but it is very good that the practitioner is fine." This thinking showed I did not treasure the Dafa books.

I realized that and exposed it. Practitioner A said: "I had the same thought." Then, we recalled the evil's behavior when Dafa books were destroyed on July 20, 1999. Actually, the old forces used the excuse that our fellow practitioners did not treasure Dafa books. They not only ruined themselves, but also controlled the policemen to commit huge crimes by destroying the books. It is terrible not to cherish Dafa--without Dafa, we would not exist and there would be nothing. Dafa books are not just books, they are the Fa.

Practitioner B said: "An older practitioner was sent to jail on July 20, 1999. Her Dafa books were found and taken away. She started a hunger strike. The policeman asked her why she wouldn't eat, and she replied: "You took my life away". That policeman replied: "We returned your books." Finally, she got her Dafa books back.

We also should cherish other righteous materials, since those can save sentient beings.

April 7th, 2009