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Former National Policy Adviser: Shen Yun Calmed My Soul in this Hectic Life (Photos)

March 25, 2009 |   By Shen Rong in Hsinchu, Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company completed its third show in Hsinchu on the afternoon of March 21, 2009. Shen Yun brought to life traditional values of respect for heaven and virtue and long-standing and authentic divinely-bestowed culture with its diversified and splendid feast of dance and music. Shen Yun brought kindness, harmony and hope to members of the audience.

Former National Policy Adviser to the Office of the President of Taiwan Wei Che-he and his wife Li Hsu-ying attended the Shen Yun Spectacular in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Former National Policy Advisor: Calms my soul in this hectic life

Former National Policy Adviser to the Office of the President of Taiwan Wei Che-he and his wife Li Hsu-ying, professor of the Information Engineering Department in National Chiao Tung University, attended the third show by Shen Yun Performing Arts in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Mr. Wei said that the Shen Yun performance was exquisite in all facets, and in particular, the inner meaning of traditional culture portrayed in the show could help people calm down in their hectic lives.

"I feel the Shen Yun performance is wonderful, the programs, or the settings, or the songs--all facets are presented very well. Traditional poetry and culture of the Chinese nation, including legends, are amusing. Being immersed in such fun, our souls calm down."

Mr. Wei said, "I feel such a troupe's performance brings us joy in a very hectic life. I really enjoyed it."

Ms. Li Hsu-ying said that she liked the vast and immense realm displayed on the backdrops in the show, and at the same time, she felt that the show covered the cultures of different ethnicities in China and the spirit of the divine. "I very much enjoyed the backdrops, the realm created by this technology. What I liked the most was that kind of feeling of flowing, empty and spacious. There were performances of other ethnicities, Tibetan and Yi ethnicities, and there was also God's love and the spirit of the divine in it."

President of National United University: Graceful Dance and Super Artistry

Li Longsheng, President of National United University, told the reporter at the intermission that the show was "superb."

Li Longsheng, President of National United University

Mr. Li commended, "I feel there must be a lot of training behind this show. It is very solid. It must be a very professional training [that the performers undergo] to give such a performance. I could see that everyone involved put a lot of effort into the show. It was wonderful!"

Mr. Li concluded by saying that he will recommend Shen Yun to others, just telling them, it is "fantastic and superb!"

Chairman of Nanhsin Investment Company: Kind people should not be deprived of the warmth of a family

Chairman of Nanhsin Investment Company Lin Maorong attended the Shen Yun performance with his wife and mother-in-law. Mr. Lin said, "The stage performance and the backdrop combined perfectly!"

Chairman of Nanhsin Investment Company Lin Maorong and his wife

Mrs. Lin, who loves dancing, commended the dancers' expressions and skills, "Each and every dancer wore a smile, and they could express very well and very vividly different emotions in the plot. Their body motions and facial expressions could bring out the development of the plot, making it easy to understand."

Mrs. Lin said that she was moved by the piece "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." She said with red eyes, "Everybody should have the right to enjoy the warmth of a family. Kind people, in particular, should not be deprived of such a right. The program made me think again about choosing between goodness and evil."

Mrs. Lin thought the lyrics in the songs conveyed the inner meaning that Shen Yun intended to express. She said, "The lyrics that the vocalists expressed had profound meaning, such a way of presentation does not pose pressure on the audience, and makes it easy to accept."

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Lin both said, "Such a wonderful show, I feel everybody should come and see it! Very beautiful!"