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My Granddaughter Came for the Fa

March 24, 2009 |   By a practitioner in Beijing

(Clearwisdom.net) My husband and I are both practitioners. We have a granddaughter named Tianyuan, who is only five and a half years old but has gone through a lot in cultivation practice. When she was born, I told myself that she came to our home to obtain the Fa, so we must be responsible to her. Therefore, we had her listen to Master's lectures beginning when she was just ten days old.

I recently read the article "Having a Little Practitioner at Home" in "Minghui Weekly," and it greatly inspired me. It reminded me that we should not be selfish by not thinking about our children. I want to remind our grandparent practitioners that even though our kids are young in age, their primordial spirits might not be young at all. They came to us to obtain the Fa, and they can understand the Fa. I would like to share with you our experience of bringing up Tianyuan and some of her cultivation experiences.

Beginning the seventh day after Tianyuan started listening to the Fa, her body emitted a fragrance of jasmine for three days. Our son and daughter-in-law were very pleased. Although they weren't practitioners, they had been supporting us and knew that Falun Dafa was good.

When Tianyuan was a baby, as long as the recording of Master's lectures was on, she was very quiet and good. On the day she became a month old, many relatives came to our home to celebrate, so we didn't play the recordings for her. She cried constantly, and nothing could stop her. We realized it, played the recordings, and she stopped crying and smiled immediately.

One day, we traveled far and stayed overnight, and didn't play the recordings to her for an entire day. As soon as we got home, she pointed at the table. We gave her a toy on the table, and she shook her head. We gave her other things on the table one at a time, but she kept shaking her head. Finally I understood what she wanted--the tape recorder! She wanted to listen to the recordings from the tape recorder. I immediately turned on the recording and she was happy.

My husband and I both retired when Tianyuan was very little, so we had time to spend with her. We sent forth righteous thoughts around the clock every day. If we forgot occasionally, Tianyuan reminded us. When we visited relatives and friends, she sat down with her little legs crossed to remind us to clarify the facts, even though she wasn't yet speaking. When she was a little over a year old and began to speak, we taught her to recite Hong Yin. When she was two years old, she could read Hong Yin and Hong Yin II. She could read any poem in the books that we pointed at, and she could recite the books backward. Everyone said it was miraculous.

At our niece's wedding, Tianyuan met our fifth-grade grandson. There were two characters he didn't recognize, and Tianyuan told him what they meant. He found it hard to believe. How could this little girl less than four years old know how to read? Then he verified the characters with his paternal grandmother, who said that Tianyuan was right. Tianyuan started reciting Hong Yin for him, and everyone was amazed. What a miracle that such a small child could recite more than a hundred poems and know every character in the poems! Tianyuan said, "This is the wisdom that Falun Dafa's Master has given me." My husband and I started clarifying the facts and persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations with very good results.

When Tianyuan was four years old, we started teaching her to read Zhuan Falun. She was very conscientious. In the beginning, we shared our book with her and pointed at each character as we read. As soon as we reached page 20, she said she wanted her own Zhuan Falun book, and no longer wanted to share ours. I wasn't convinced. To show me, she picked up the book and started reading out loud, and only paused at the characters she didn't recognize. When we reached Lecture Three, she said, "Master told me in my dream to read by myself and not to rely on others." She managed to read the entire book, and by the end of last year, she had finished reading Zhuan Falun ten times. Now, in a little over a year, she has finished reading Zhuan Falun thirty times. In addition, she has finished reading Essentials for Further Advancement twice and also recites Hong Yin and Hong Yin Volume II often.

Her mind is filled with Dafa, so everything she says and does is on the Fa. Her cultivation level seems superior to ours. When our attachments are very strong, she reminds us, "Any single human thought will prevent you from returning home with Master." When we go out, as soon as we run into a police vehicle or pass the evil Party's den, she sends righteous thoughts. She has asked to join us to distribute truth-clarification materials, and has given all her savings to the coordinator practitioner, 5 yuan the first time and 15 yuan another time. The practitioner said to her, "You're too young. The money is for you to buy snacks. You'd better ask your grandma to keep it for you." She said, "No, the money is for making truth-clarification materials and saving sentient beings. I will give it to no one else." Sometimes when practitioners got together and started chatting about everyday life, she said, "Your emotions are too strong. I don't like hearing it."

In the fall of 2007, we took her with us to visit our ancestral home. The seven of us were riding on a farm vehicle going down a slope when the vehicle tipped over due to the heavy load and bad road conditions. Everyone fell with it into the ditch. My husband's leg was trapped under the vehicle and my elder sister hurriedly tried to lift it up. As soon as her hands touched the vehicle, it raised up by itself. This puzzled everyone. Tianyuan smiled, "I asked Master to help us and Master came sitting in a big lotus flower. Up in the air, Master lifted His hand up, and the car stood up." Then she imitated Master's movement as she had seen it.

I wasn't enlightened, and still asked, "Let me see your leg. Did you get hurt?" She said, "What are you trying to see? Your enlightenment quality is so poor. How would I get hurt with Master's protection?" Alas! I recalled what Master said,

"We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Four)

So many people fell into the ditch with the vehicle, and no one was hurt, not even a skin scratch. Everyone said, "This is a miracle. I've never heard of a car tipping over without hurting anyone. Falun Dafa is truly good and wonderful."

Tianyuan has shown great respect for Master and Dafa since she was very little. Every time we burn incense, she bows to Master respectfully. Whenever she has something good to eat, she lets Master eat it first. Once she had a fever for several days and couldn't keep her eyes open. A fellow practitioner bought her watermelons. She said to me, "Please remember to bring the watermelons to Master's picture first."

My husband and I have a routine of practicing the exercises at 9:50 p.m. every day. Tianyuan has been joining us every night since our routine started. She finishes the entire two hours of practice every time, even though sometimes the pain brings her to tears during the sitting meditation.

She has made herself a rule to finish reading at least one lecture of Zhuan Falun before going to play. Since began Kindergarten in September and has been following the rule in addition to the practicing the exercises every day.

Tianyuan is five and a half years old and has never visited a doctor. She has had fevers many times, sometimes with diarrhea and vomiting. Those times were very frightening and worried us. In fact, it was our fault, the grownups, because we hadn't done well and possessed strong attachments to emotion. In many cases, as soon as we realized it, she recovered immediately.

When the SARS epidemic surfaced in 2003, Tianyuan was only a few months old. She had a high fever with diarrhea and vomitin, and couldn't open her eyes. Moreover, she was unable to drink milk. Her parents were scared and asked us whether we should take her to the hospital. We told them that Tianyuan is Master's disciple and that as long as we believe in Master and Dafa, nothing will go wrong. If we took her to see the doctor, the hospital would treat her as a SARS patient, so weren't we asking for it? We told them we must believe in Master and Dafa. On the third day, Tianyuan returned to normal.

Tianyuan has gone through sickness karma many times, but every time she came through very strong-minded with Master's protection. Her third eye is open, and Master often encourages her. She said, "I want nothing but my faith in Dafa."

The wonder of Dafa has manifested in Tianyuan in so many ways. Master has been protecting her and guiding her on her way home. The above covers only a tiny portion of her experiences.

We hope this sharing will inspire our fellow practitioners to bring up young practitioners well. Please point out anything improper.