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Belgium: Chinese in the Audience Share Deep Appreciation for Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts Show in Antwerp (Photos)

February 28, 2009 |   By Minghui Correspondent Rong Pu

(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts (SYDPA) presented three shows at the City Theatre in central Antwerp, Belgium. The final show was Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009. Waves of warm applause rewarded every program. Many local Chinese people said they were greatly shaken by the Chinese culture displayed in the SYDPA show.

Curtain call

Mr. Xin Jianzhong enjoyed the SYDPA show.

Mr. Xin Jianzhong, a translator, was impressed by the SYDPA show last year. He bought his ticket early this year and looked forward to the show.

Mr. Xin said, "I enjoyed the SYDPA show very much! Every program was great! It was mature art and led people to compassion. The layout of the show was highly skilled. Some programs were serious, some lighthearted. There were dance from Tibet, Mongolia and Yi. Fan dance and chopstick dance. The opening and the whole show were a great layout!

"The New Year Gala in Mainland China is no comparison to the SYDPA show. SYDPA is the first art group to spread true Chinese culture to Europe and America through dance and music. Despite interference and sabotage by the Chinese Embassy, the SYDPA still achieved such a success and scale. This is an indication of the power of the Chinese culture. It is not something the Communist Party could make. The Communist Party shows its party culture. It is against God. It is impossible for it to make such a great performance.

"It is the pride of our Chinese culture for the SYDPA to received such achievement within such short period of time. It boosted the morale of us Chinese people and made us proud in Europe."

Chinese artist Mr. Guo

Mr. Guo, a renowned artist of oil painting from Taiwan, came all the way from Brussels to watch the SYDPA show. He said, "The trip is so worthwhile! The SYDPA deserves its reputation! I have heard the SYDPA for a long time! It is music from the heaven! It is so valuable! We should treasure it! The artists of SYDPA brought us the message from heaven. As I understand, the message is the three treasures of life: Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. The SYDPA taught me a valuable lesson today. The show clearly expressed its goal."

He continued, "I hope all Chinese will be able to watch the SYDPA show in the future. More and more Chinese and foreigners will understand. I believe the SYDPA will receiver greater attention. I admire all in the SYDPA group very much! They have strong faith. That's why they can have such an achievement. I would like to express my salute to them. I wish them a smooth trip!"

Mr. Song has been studying in Belgium for three years. He said from the bottom of his heart, "The dances are gorgeous indeed! My language is limited. I don't know much about art. But I feel so happy to watch it! It touched my heart."

The dance drama "Persecuted on a Sacred Path" left a deep impression on Mr. Song. The dance portrays the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party. He said, "When I first saw it [persecution], I was very angry. As it went on, I felt like crying. It is very true! It reached my heart! I don't practice Falun Gong, but I think people need belief. People can have different beliefs. In fact, everyone needs belief so that your heart and behaviors will be governed. If one doesn't have any belief, he wouldn't consider any consequence when doing anything."