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Crimes Committed by Guards at the Suihua City Forced Labor Camp

February 10, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Guards at the Suihua City Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province often show up for work intoxicated. They are known for physical and verbal abuse, as well as extorting money from Falun Gong practitioners. Between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. they force practitioners to do manual labor, including sorting toothpicks and making car cushions. The practitioners are punished if their quotas are not met.

Practitioner Mr. Miao Shujun was in good health before entering the labor camp. He was sent to the labor camp in the first half year of 2007, and he carried out a hunger strike in the First Division in protest of the persecution. The guards constantly kicked him and beat him with heavy instruments. The huge amount of physical abuse has left him mentally confused and weak. Now he has difficulty walking without support and vomits frequently.

The guards have used all kinds of torture methods on practitioners. For example, the guards put the book Zhuan Falun on top of a practitioner's head and used an ax-handle to hit the top of the practitioner's head. They tied a practitioner onto a bed, put the book on top of his chest, and struck it hard with an ax handle. They also held a practitioner's penis while hitting it constantly with a broom handle, which caused excruciating pain.

In the summer of 2007, officials in the First Division forced practitioners to sing a Chinese Communist Party song. They beat the practitioners if they didn't sing. They stripped a practitioner naked, tied his arms and legs to a bed, and stuffed a Falun Gong book between his legs for an entire day.

A practitioner from Daqing City went on a hunger strike for more than eight months, during which time the guards exhausted all kinds of torture methods on him. For example, they fixed his arms and legs to a bed with metal chains for several days without letting him up. They put a large metal lock on his stomach, and then pushed down hard on his stomach. They forced his mouth open and dumped saliva, phlegm, and nasal mucus into it about 1,000 times, according to inmates who counted. For a period of time some inmates changed the force-feeding fluid to detergent powder and water. The practitioner is now left emaciated, with his buttocks festering. He cannot sit on chairs, but has to sit on a tire without touching his buttocks to avoid the pain.

In March 2006, the guards beat practitioners Zhao Dezhi, Shen Weijing, and Li Yuzhang. They forced Mr. Zhao Dezhi to sit on a tiger bench for a long time with earphones plugged into his ears, blasting at the highest volume. They also beat him with rubber tubes.