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Eliminating Attachments While Operating a Truth Clarification Material Production Site at Home

December 09, 2009 |   By a practitioner in China


Greetings, Master

Greetings, fellow practitioners all over the world

During the process of establishing a truth clarification material production site at my home, I have had to eliminate attachments and my human notions. The process of going through these twists and turns is the process of improving as a whole body.

Buying a computer to access the Minghui website

I was arrested and detained in a brainwashing center for half a year because I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Later, I was imprisoned in a forced labor camp for a year and a half. After being detained for two years, I finally returned home. As soon as the people from the police station and the street committee left my home, I started the sitting meditation.

My husband knew that I would not give up my belief in Dafa. He was not against me practicing the exercises and studying the Fa, but he just would not let me buy a computer. I was determined to convince him to buy a computer, and I often mentioned it to him saying, "I respect your opinion, but I must buy a computer."

My husband finally agreed to buy a computer at the end of 2006. When he agreed, we went to the computer store right away. When we entered one store we realized that we didn't know anything about buying a computer. The salesperson was very helpful, but when we were about to pay, my husband suddenly changed his mind. He said, "How will we be able to use it? We don't know anything about computers." No matter how hard I tried, I could not convince him to buy it.

Soon after we left the store, his stomach started hurting. Whenever he repeated his reason for not buying the computer, the pain got worse. After he gave several reasons, he was in so much pain that he squatted down on the sidewalk. He knew that it was because he did not buy the computer. He shouted, "I don't care. I'll give you five thousand yuan. You go and buy it by yourself." Gradually, he could stand up. When we got home, he gave me the money and no longer insisted on going with me.

After I bought the computer, he did not talk to me. I thought, "Today you are not talking to me, but tomorrow you will assist me." My grandson and I set up the computer and installed software to bypass the Internet blockade. I was so happy to see the icon there. I asked my grandson to open the notepad and wrote a letter to Master: "Greetings, Master. You gave me the wisdom to install the anti-blockade software. I am very excited that now I am closer to you and to the path of returning home. I should have done it earlier." I had tears in my eyes. Fearing that my grandson would see, I went to bathroom.

Solidly cultivating to eliminate attachments

After I bought the computer, I studied my grandson's book about computers even though I had difficulty understanding it. After reading the article "Establishing a material production site from scratch," I was hesitant and worried about how long it would take me to learn. It would not do if I fell behind in studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. All of my attachments surfaced, including not wanting to deal with hardship and the attachment of relying on others. I even complained to Master about why he had not arranged for a practitioner who had the expertise to teach me. After studying the Fa, I realized that if everything was easy for me, I wouldn't be able to improve and cultivate.

My grandson came to visit me once a month. At the time he was an ordinary person and didn't know anything about computers. As time went on, he became a cultivator and knew a lot about computers. At the beginning, he had a lot of trouble with the computer and could not get along with my husband. However, he quickly learned how to work with the computer. One time my husband wanted him to leave and did not allow him to touch the computer, and they had a fight. During that period of time, whenever my grandson touched the computer, it would freeze. I asked him to look inside, but he could not find anything wrong. Then I realized that I was the one who did not look inside, so how could he find anything wrong in himself?

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "One's gong level is as high as one's xinxing level." When my xinxing was not high, the computer did not run properly. It would have all kinds of problems such as freezing up, a paper jam, or a virus. My heart was moved and I felt troubled. In the midst of the chaotic situation, I read an article by a practitioner, "Eliminate Attachments and Look Inside." I calmed down and looked inside. I found that I did not study the Fa enough and I had a lot of human notions. I was even annoyed about having to upgrade the anti-blockade software and said, "How nice it would be if we didn't have to upgrade the software. It is so much trouble."

Later, I studied "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference." Master said:

I think [what you described] is the product of too much human thinking, and that's how things are going to go when people do the tasks of Dafa disciples with a human mindset. If each person walks his own path well and cultivates himself well as he goes about cultivation, he will do things well."

I felt that Master pointed out my attachment and asked me to eliminate it. In his article, "To the Canada Fa Conference," Master said:

"The closer it gets to the end, the more you cannot let up; the closer it gets to the end, the better you must study the Fa; the closer it gets to the end, the stronger your righteous thoughts must be."

I truly understand the importance of studying the Fa. I learned that I must cultivate myself before trying to fix the computer. I also intensified sending forth righteous thoughts. After that, everything returned to normal. I started out not knowing anything about computers. Now, not only do I have enough materials for my area, but I also supply truth clarification materials and books, as well as Minghui Weekly to the surrounding areas. I used to buy only two or three packs of paper for printing. Now I need to buy a whole case.

My husband became a great helper

My husband started practicing Falun Gong to help with his illness. At the beginning, he only practiced the exercises and refused to study the Fa. Later, Master helped him and cured his kidney stone. He realized the importance of studying the Fa and Master's great compassion. Later he agreed to read Zhuan Falun but refused to read Master's overseas lectures and the experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners. However, Master did not give up on him. Eventually he became my great helper.

We installed a satellite dish at home. He completely changed his attitude. Seeing that my method of applying glue when making Dafa books was not good, he taught me a quicker and better way. He also helped me sharpen the paper cutter. One time, a practitioner glued two pages together by accident when he was correcting the words in a Dafa book. He felt bad and did not know what to do because this was the book he got in 1993 and he cherished it very much. I took the book home where my husband carefully cut out the damaged area and replaced it with white paper. He then printed the missing words and patiently glued them where they belonged. He returned the loose pages and organized them neatly, corrected the rest of the words, and put a new cover on the book. He spent a lot of time on it. The practitioner was very touched when he saw what my husband had done.

One time, practitioners came to our house for experience sharing. My husband printed Master's new article for everyone. He printed it in a small font for younger practitioners and in a bigger font for senior practitioners. People all said that he had changed and that he could think about the needs of others. In addition, he could see things from the perspective of the Fa and would always remind me to do so. One time after I lost my temper, he patiently said to me, "You have been practicing for 13 years. It is not easy to improve your gong. When you encounter conflicts in ordinary society, you fall to the level of ordinary people if you say something bad. It is really a shame."

In clarifying the truth, he convinced the head of the police station to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. From this, I learned that keeping righteous thought is so important.

The time for our cultivation is limited. Let us cultivate well, save more sentient beings, keep up with the pace of Fa rectification and be qualified Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners.


November 17 2009