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Closely Following Teacher

December 08, 2009 |   By a practitioner from Shandong Province

Teacher Saved Me and Dafa Changed Me

I am 71 years old now. In childhood I only attended school for one year. The first half of my lifetime, I was plagued by sickness. I had disease almost all over. I had terrible headaches, and had difficulty opening my eyes. I was afraid of wind and cold. For at least eight months out of the year, I had to wear a hat. During the winter, I wore a thick cotton hat, and I still felt cold. When my symptoms were serious, I would be bedridden. It felt like my head was swollen. I suffered extreme pain and anxiety. In 1996, my eldest daughter helped me to obtain the Fa.

Even though I am an illiterate housewife, Teacher began taking care of me as soon as I stepped onto the path of cultivation. I went to a place to watch the tape of Teacher's Fa teaching. When I walked downstairs after watching the first tape, I missed a step on the stairs. At that moment, it felt as if someone held my feet and placed them on the ground safely. I was not injured at all. I was so excited. I realized that Falun Gong and Teacher are extraordinary, and made the decision to study Falun Gong. Not long after, while I was carrying a full pot of boiling water while at home, I spilled some of the water onto my legs accidentally. However, I did not feel any pain. My legs did not become red or swollen either. This accident strengthened my decision to study Falun Gong since I believed that I had found the master that can offer salvation to humankind. I felt that I was incredibly fortunate.

I was very anxious since I did not know how to read many characters. But I believed that as long as I studied the Fa wholeheartedly, Teacher would help me. At home, except when I cooking, sleeping and doing housekeeping, I did not want to waste any time at all, and I spent all of my spare time reading Falun Gong books. I wrote down the characters that I did not know and asked whoever I met to teach me. I mainly asked for my husband's help. He was literate and good-tempered. He taught me patiently. For years, I used a pile of journals to write down the characters. To memorize the characters, I annotated them with some symbols.

I felt that Teacher was beside me all the time. Witnessing my sincerity, Teacher had been helping me all the time, and opened up my wisdom. I felt that I learned the characters very quickly and my memory became good. With Teachers' help, I was able to cast off the presbyopic glasses I had worn for several decades. I became sharp-eyed and quick-minded like a young person.

One day when I was studying the Fa by myself at home, I found a character I did not know. I tried to write it down, but I could not see it clearly. I was so worried I began to cry. I said to Teacher's photo,"Teacher, please help me." Immediately I felt brightness before my eyes as if a big black cloth had been taken off. That character seemed to enlarge several times until I could see it clearly. At that moment, words could not express how grateful I was. I just studied the Fa diligently. Within several months, I almost knew all of the characters in Zhuan Falun. I also learned all the characters in Teacher's articles published in the later period. I also learned all the characters in traditional Chinese version of Essentials For Further Advancement. My husband could not believe it. One day, he wrote down some traditional Chinese characters to test me. I read all of them correctly. He was in disbelief. My whole family witnessed the wonders of Falun Gong and admired it.

Soon after I cultivated in Falun Gong, I changed totally. All my diseases disappeared. My disposition also changed. Before, as soon as any of family members criticized me, I would be upset and sometimes outraged. Now I became broadminded and treated all of my family members compassionately. I also became kind to all my neighbors and friends, and yielded my interests to others. Even when others made impertinent remarks to me, I still kept a peaceful mind.

On the morning of the Chinese New Year this year, when my husband went outside to pay a new year's call, he found 600 yuan cash that was laying near the staircase of the building we lived in. We were afraid that the owner may be worried. So we immediately posted an announcement for the lost item near the staircase. A while later, the owner came by and claimed the money from my home. She expressed her gratefulness again and again. When she learned that we practiced Falun Gong, she kept saying that Falun Gong is so good. I was so happy that she learned the truth about Falun Gong.

We Do Not Need to Be Afraid of Evil

During these years since the persecution started, my eldest daughter was arrested again and again for upholding her belief in Falun Gong. No matter how severe the environment was, it never caused my determination to cultivate Dafa to waver. No matter how many rumors the evil churned up, I never suspected Teacher or Dafa. I knew Teacher and Dafa are the most righteous things in the world, and nothing else is comparable. I have been unshakably following Teacher. I never stopped studying Fa or practicing the exercises for even one day, or lost one piece of a Dafa book. I will never turn away from Dafa. Teacher and Dafa saved my life. Presently, Teacher and Dafa have been framed by the evil, and it is my responsibility to defend Teacher and Dafa's innocence. So wherever I went, I talked about the goodness of Dafa. In these years, to rescue my daughter out of the black den, I made contact with the evildoers many times. I did not have any fear in my heart. In my opinion, we are cultivating in Dafa and are good people; we are the most righteous in the world; how could we be afraid of the evil?

As the saying goes, good prevails over evil. The evil should be afraid of us. Therefore, each time, I faced them in an open and aboveboard manner and exposed the crimes they committed. This struck fear into their hearts.

One time, the director of my daughter's workplace called me and asked my husband and I to monitor my daughter, so that she wouldn't go out to "make trouble." I responded immediately, "My daughter is cultivating in Dafa to be a better person. Both her words and deeds are righteous. How can she make any trouble? You monitored her each day. What on earth is your purpose? You fired her. That's your plot to cut her means of subsistence, right? What good will that do to you? Leave yourself a way out and try to accumulate some virtue. You are also a father. If your daughter suffered persecution innocently, would you feel comfortable? For following the evildoers to persecute good people, you will not have a good fate." He became silent. He was too shocked to speak. Henceforth, he never contacted us or my daughter.

One time, my daughter was arrested and taken to a police station. At noon, I went to visit her after I learned the news. Two police officers were watching her. One of them was very harsh, and did not allow me to see my daughter and tried to push me out. I said loudly, "You treat people too heavy-handedly. You ruthlessly arrest Falun Gong practitioners and bully their family members." The officer immediately fled. Another officer came over and said in a consulting tone, "We need the director's authorization to let you see your daughter. The director will come soon. I am going to ask for his instructions." Soon afterwards I was able to see my daughter.

Another time, my daughter was arrested and taken to a police station again. Another practitioner who was detained together with my daughter helped her escape successfully and went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. So the evildoers were infuriated. They handcuffed my daughter and other practitioners and hung them onto a big iron gate, and prohibited them from eating. One relative of my daughter's husband sent her food. The evil police officers shouted swear words at the relative and dumped all the food onto the ground. So my daughter went without food for several meals. I learned the news the next day, and was indignant. I went to the director's office of the Police Department with my younger daughter immediately. At that time, the director, deputy director and political commissar were all in the office. I said, "I am so-and-so's mother. My daughter is a Falun Gong practitioner. She only did good deeds, and never made any trouble. Your police officers arrested her for no reason, and hung her up for several days. She went without food for days. The offices dumped the food that her relatives brought to her, and subjected her to endless abuse. According to law, even people sentenced to death are allowed to eat their fill. My daughter is innocent. Who ordered the officers to do this?" They seemed embarrassed at my words. They responded, "Do not get angry. Those officers are hired temporarily. We will call the director of the police station, and ask him to give your daughter food." They made the phone call immediately. At night, my daughter and other detained practitioners were provided with food. I knew clearly that Teacher was protecting and encouraging me all the time, and helping me to battle through difficulties. The similar things happened to me several times. Facing the evil, I felt I was tall and big since Teacher was behind me."

Falun Gong practitioners are innocent. They have been treated unjustly. Their family members all know that they are on the right side, but are scared by the persecution. So we should stand together to deal with the evil. In recent years, each time my older daughter was arrested, I mobilized the whole family to rescue her. As a result, each time, she was quickly released. Actually, that was the result of Teacher's support and fellow practitioner's righteous thoughts. I thought that if family members of all practitioners refuse to cooperate with the evil and stand up to expose the evil, then the evil would be hesitant to persecute the practitioners so flagrantly and the persecution would end earlier. Before, when I spoke of the officers who arrested my daughter, I was filled with hatred. After I studied the Fa continuously, I realized that all people in world are Teacher's precious ones, and Teacher wants to save them. So my hatred disappeared. I can treat all people with mercy now.

Following the Path Arranged by Teacher and Saving Sentient Beings by Clarifying the Truth About Falun Gong

As practitioners, we should do the three things well. I spent some time studying the Fa each day. Besides the four times, I also sent forth righteous thoughts almost each hour during the day. But I did not do well in clarifying the truth. I always lost my way when going outside. So for many years, I seldom went outside by myself, but always accompanied by others. Through Fa study, I realized that Falun Gong practitioners must clarify the truth to save sentient beings. Otherwise, cultivation will end up being for naught. Also, I was anxious to save sentient beings. Teacher understood my situation clearly. So he arranged people with predestined relationships to call my home. I clarified the truth to all of them. They knew that I am kindhearted and would not deceive them. So they trusted me a lot, and accepted the truth easily.

I lived in a community where many people worked in government offices. They knew that during these years I had totally changed. My back was straightened up. I walked nimbly, was full of energy and the wrinkles on my face had decreased noticeably. My complexion turned from yellow to fair and rosy. People, especially those who were old and not in good health, asked me in a envious voice why I was getting younger and younger. I took this opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Some of them accepted the truth immediately. Some said, "It would be nice if all practitioners behaved like you. But some of them went to Beijing to make trouble." I tried to communicate with them patiently, "They never made any trouble. They just tried to report the truth about Falun Gong to higher authorities so that the persecution could be stopped as early as possible. They are all kindhearted, considerate and

dare to tell the truth. They are really terrific. "After hearing my words, they had nothing to say. Some said, "Your remarks make sense."

When I clarified truth to people, some said, "Why did some practitioners go to the Tiananmen Square to

to seek consummation by burning themselves?" Then I told them, "The self-immolation incident in Tiananmen square was fabricated to deceive the public, aiming at inciting hatred towards Falun Gong. If they were seeking consummation that way, why did they go to the Tiananmen Square? They could burn themselves anywhere. Also, in the Falun Gong books, nowhere does it say that burning oneself will achieve consummation. We practice Falun Gong to gain better health. Then we do not need to suffer from illness, and implicate our children when we get old. How could we burn ourselves? Is that not deception?"Afterwards, I pointed out the inconsistencies in the story in detail. Then most people understood the true situation and were thus saved.

Some people raised questions about the murder cases that Jiang's gang used to frame practitioners. I said,"In the Falun Gong books, Teacher asks us to follow the principles of truthfulness-compassion-forbearance, and be good people in all respects. We cannot bear to kill small animals such as mosquito or houseflies. How could we kill our dear ones with a knife? Is that not sheer nonsense?" They all accepted my words. It is Teacher who bestowed upon me wisdom to untie their heart knots so that they can know the truth and be saved.

In recent years, I had many opportunities to visit my relatives. Both my husband and I have a big family so we have lots of relatives. Marriage celebrations were held one by one. I realized that Teacher arranged so many opportunities for me to save more people. I could not let Teacher down. When meeting with my relatives, before I began to talk, they asked me first why I looked so young. Then I began to clarify truth about Falun Gong. Most of them believed what I said since my obvious health improvements testify to the truth. Each time I went back to my hometown, I called my neighbors one by one to clarify the truth. They all believed my words.

Last July, my second daughter-in-law suddenly caught a serious illness and was hospitalized. She chose to have an operation. The doctor said, "She could at most survive three to six months." Although my eldest daughter and I were sad, we still remained calm. We believed that Teacher would help her to recover. Presently, it is a critical moment to save sentient beings. We are determined that such a thing that would interfere with the saving of sentient beings should not happen in my family. So my daughter and I were not affected by the false appearance. We went to the hospital each day to take care of her, and exhorted her repeatedly to recite with sincerity "Falun Dafa is good" and Teacher would save her. We looked after her attentively and encouraged her unceasingly. She followed our suggestion and began to recite. Finally Teacher saved her life with mercy. She was also quite grateful. Soon she began to practice Falun Gong. One year later, she totally recovered, and her complexion became rosy. She also kept on telling others that Falun Dafa is so good. My whole family is so grateful to Teacher.

My younger daughter did not cultivate very diligently before since she was busy with her work. But Teacher never gave up on her. Now she has caught up. She took part in Fa study actively and took time to clarify the truth. This year, my husband also began to practice Dafa. He has been quite diligent. He studied the Fa every morning, and has finished reading all of the Dafa books. His health became better and better. When he did not feel well, he realized that Teacher was purifying his body. He also began to clarify the truth. When we took a walk at night, we would clarify the truth to people that we met.

My family is a big one with good fortune. My younger son, his wife, my granddaughter, niece, and two daughters are all Falun Gong practitioners. The others have not begun to cultivate in Dafa yet. But none of them are against Dafa. We will cultivate in Dafa more steadfastly and more diligently, save more sentient beings, fulfill our pledges, and follow Teacher to return home.

Thank you, Teacher!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!

Written on November 3, 2009