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The Workplace Is Also a Place to Save Sentient Beings

December 02, 2009 |   By a practitioner in Hubei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I learned Dafa in 2004. Teacher has carefully taken care of me over the past five years. I was a person full of illnesses and dirty desires. Now I am gradually becoming a Fa-rectification-period Dafa disciple. I have emerged from the struggles of human society and escaped from the bondage of fame, interest, and sentimentality. I achieved this with much help from Teacher. All I can do is to validate Dafa and save sentient beings with the power obtained from Dafa, so that I am worthy of Teacher's saving me.

Aside from cultivating ourselves well, the most important thing is to fulfill a Dafa disciple's mission and help Teacher. To save sentient beings at our workplace is one of the most convenient things to do.

In the spring of 2005, less than a year after I had learned Dafa, the school where I worked received an order from the CCP and planned a campaign against Dafa with chalkboard displays. I was the class director for the sixth grade. In the class directors' meeting, the principal announced that we needed to publicize information to defame Dafa. Each class had to have an anti-Dafa chalkboard display and the school would inspect them. I thought, "I am a practitioner. I can never do anything to harm Dafa. I will only validate Dafa to live up to Teacher's expectations."

After the meeting, I didn't follow the principal's direction. Rather, I told the students to prepare for the chalkboard display with whatever content they liked. When I walked into the classroom later in the day, I was surprised to see sentences slandering Dafa on the chalkboard. It was in the children's words but expressed hatred toward Dafa. I asked them what was going on. The students said, "Other classes all did it this way." I sensed that these children had already been badly poisoned by the evil Party, and I had to do something. I asked the students, "Have any of you seen a Falun Gong practitioner?" "No." "If you haven't seen one, why would you be against Falun Gong?" They answered, "It was said on TV." I told them, "I have met some Falun Gong practitioners. They are all very nice people. They like to help others and always think of others. They'd rather suffer themselves than harm anyone else. How can such people be bad? It is Falun Gong that taught these people to be good. How can it be a cult? What is said on TV is not always true." The students looked at each other. A moment later, a student asked, "Can we erase what is on the board and replace it with something else?" I laughed, "Sure. It looks like you all know how to be good people, too." When the school authorities inspected the display, they found that the content did not conform to what they wanted, so they asked me to redo it. I said calmly, "The students liked it that way." Perhaps it was my righteous thoughts suppressing the evil; the principal did not pursue the matter further.

Anything that a Dafa disciple does in this world is no accident. It is all arranged for us for validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. Teacher said:

"The entire Three Realms, including all beings in human society, were constructed, formed, came about, were born, and were created so that sentient beings could be rescued and saved amidst the Fa-rectification at the cosmos's final time. In other words, the Three Realms were constructed for this purpose, for the purpose of saving the beings in the cosmos."(Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York)

This means that the fate of my teacher-student relationships is also for Dafa. So I cannot let go of any opportunity to validate Dafa in my work.

In the spring of 2008, the city research office issued an extra-curriculum book for students that defamed Dafa and Teacher. When I discovered the book in my office, the school director had already distributed some of them to a group of students. I went to see the director and explained to him the principle of good and bad in the universe, and how it was going to impact him if he defamed Dafa. I asked him not to distribute the rest of the books, and he agreed not to.

But what about those books already distributed? In the classroom, before I began the lecture, I held up the book and asked the students, "Have you seen this yet?" Some said yes and some said no. I continued, "Do you understand Falun Gong?" Most of them said they didn't. I said, "I do. Falun Gong tells people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and to be a good person. (I wrote Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance on the chalkboard.) Truthfulness means that one does not lie and does things truthfully. Compassion means that a person needs to be honest and nice. Forbearance means that one does not fight with people and is easygoing in a conflict. Do you all think that a person that follows these principles is a good or a bad person?" The student all answered, "Good!" "Then is Falun Gong good or bad?" They all said, "Good!" I concluded, "This book is full of lies." Many students said that they would not read the book. Then, weighing their ability to understand, I talked about the June 4 incident at Tienanmen Square, the Tienanmen Square Self-immolation, and the persecutions that Falun Gong had undergone. Then I urged them to quit the Young Pioneer. Many of them did.

But subsequently, a student's parent who did not know the facts reported me. The district education department, neighborhood watch organization, and education directory all applied pressure on the school. The principal had meetings with me, in which he was extremely angry, saying, "This is a major political matter." He threatened to fire me and wanted me to give up cultivation and write a pledge. I firmly stated that I would not give it up, did not write anything, and maintained my stance in all three meetings. At last, he yielded, saying, "It won't be so easy if it happens next time." Things just ended.

Through this incident, I looked inward deeply and found a big omission. My Fa-study was not thorough and my understanding of the Fa principles was not clear. I was not truly rational when I told people the facts about Dafa and did not do it wisely. I was very strongly influenced by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture and tended to be pushy. I was not being truly benevolent when I publicly urged students to quit the Young Pioneers. Lately, because my urging people to quit the CCP had gone well, I developed the attachment of being too engrossed. With so many attachments when I validated Dafa, I wrongly thought that I had strong righteous thoughts. Thanks to Teacher's benevolence and his taking care of me, I was able to escape a true disaster. After I discovered the cause, I went to talk to the principal, telling him the facts about Dafa and how my physical and mental health improved after my cultivation. I explained to him the true situation about the incident on April 25, 1999; about the staged Tienanmen Square self-immolation; the fact that heaven is annihilating the CCP; and how Dafa has spread so widely around the world. Although he did not quit the CCP because of other concerns, it was apparent he had learned the facts. He has been very nice to me ever since.

In the beginning of this fall semester, I learned from Minghui Weekly that articles defaming Dafa and Teacher were on the current sixth grade reading materials. I was shocked. How can the evil still be so rampant at this stage of the Fa-rectification? If we teach the students according to the content of the textbook, it would cause tremendous difficulties in our saving sentient beings in the future. I felt this to be a great personal responsibility, since I was the only practitioner in the school. After discussing it with other practitioners in the city, we uploaded relevant information about local schools onto the Minghui website, hoping that fellow practitioners would see it and help. Then I went to talk with the Party secretary in the school, describing to him how Dafa has spread so widely throughout the world and the fact that the self-immolation was totally fabricated. I asked him not to talk about the self-immolation incident. He told me that he was the school Party secretary in charge of Falun Gong and he had to follow the text to teach. I sent righteous thoughts while talking with him. When I said, "Higher authorities may not know the facts, and they listened to the propaganda created the Jiang Zemin regime. That may be how they came up with such misguided content for the text. But now that you know the facts, you cannot lie in front of the students against your own conscience." When I mentioned that what goes around comes around, he said, "O.K., I will do what you asked." Thank you, Teacher.

Written on November 5, 2009