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A Practitioner's Responsibility to Safeguard the Fa with Determination

December 17, 2009 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading the article "Only Teacher's Words and Voice Can Be Used in Audio Recordings of Dafa Scriptures; No Other Recordings Are Allowed ***With Teacher's Comment***" (published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website), fellow practitioners have discussed and agreed that it is every Dafa practitioner's sacred responsibility to maintain the purity and eternity of Dafa.

This article actually referred to the electronic books which were made with the voice of others, instead of Master's voice. Those e-books were also used by some fellow practitioners in China. We believe that Dafa practitioners should safeguard Dafa and completely destroy all of those e-books. This is the principle of cultivation, and every Dafa practitioner should handle the matter seriously.

To maintain the eternity of Dafa for generations to come and to be pure, Dafa practitioners are bestowed with immense responsibility. They should be determined to safeguard Dafa and completely eliminate any activities that could undermine Dafa. They then can build a firm foundation for the eternity of Dafa.

Fellow practitioners focused their discussions on how to utilize electronic equipment or electronic products. They came to an understanding after the discussions that it is not the electronic products themselves, but the content, which must meet Master's expectations for practitioners. It means that the contents in those electronic products should have Master's original voice or be Master himself on video. We feel that, in addition to listening to or watching Master's tapes and videos on Fa lectures, Dafa practitioners should read Master's books in a calm and focused manner.

The Comment did not mention the electronic version of Dafa books and Dafa articles which are downloaded from (Minghui.org) and (Falundafa.org). This may be a gray area for the time being. It did not say whether or not these can be used during this stage in history or in the future when the requirements will be more restricted.

Cultivation is serious and should not be taken for granted. We should endeavor to comply with Master's teaching in his Comments: "Dafa disciples should not let human thoughts guide their actions." The title of "Dafa Practitioner" is an honor among sentient beings. It is our mission to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. And it is our responsibility and obligation to safeguard the Fa with determination.

The above mentioned is just my own understanding. Please point out anything improper.