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Recent Atrocities at Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp

December 12, 2009 |   By a Minghui Correspondent in Beijing City

(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 2009, Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp no longer allows face-to-face visits with Falun Gong practitioners. Now these visits have to be either through a glass wall, or by telephone. The forced labor camp has completely abandoned their facade of so-called "humanistic management."

Police stations in the Beijing area now send female Falun Gong practitioners who have been illegally sentenced to forced labor camps to the fourth brigade of the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. After one month, the practitioners are assigned to other brigades to be further tortured and "transformed."

Below are three recent cases of Falun Gong practitioner being persecuted in Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Shen Shuangsuo was over 60 years old. She suffered brutal torture in Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. She died from late stage lung cancer on May 31, 2009, two months after she was released from Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Shen was arrested by "610 Office" people in March 2007 and was sentenced to two years in the forced labor camp. At the end of December 2008, one month before her release, the forced labor camp gave her a medical examination, but did not inform her or her family of the result. During the period right before she was released, she often could not sleep and had to get up and walk around in the hall way and restroom (there were no other places she was allowed to go). She had to take lots of medicine and frequently went to the jail doctor for more drugs. Even though her condition was serious, the forced labor camp officials did not tell her family about it. Ms. Shen never learned what condition she had. After she was released, her family took her to the hospital. By then the lung cancer was already in a late stage and there was no possibility of successful treatment anymore.

Ms. Zhang Lixin is currently 56 years old. Her home is in the eastern part of Beijing (either Miyun or Shunyi). She was first put into the forced labor camp in March 2009 and is currently held in the sixth brigade. Her physical condition is very bad. Both her feet and calves have been badly swollen for a long time and after she squats down, she cannot get up. She has suffered from insomnia for a long time. She also has severe diabetes and because of that, she is close to losing her sight. She often feels unbalanced and frequently gets dizzy. She cannot go up or down stairs by herself and also needs help going to the restroom.

Ms. Xu Yanli is about 40 years old. She is a college English teacher with one son and one daughter. Her husband is also a Falun Gong practitioner who has been arrested and imprisoned. Ms. Xue was first sent to the forced labor camp in April 2008 and her children are being cared for by her father. In attempts to force her to renounce her firm faith, she has been tortured badly. Her left hand was burned and she lost the functioning of her thumb. Tthe police in the forced labor camp did not let her sleep, did not let her have enough food, did not let her shower, and did not let her go to the restroom normally. She is still firm in her faith despite all of these tortures. Now she is monitored by prisoners who were arrested for drug abuse. She is not allowed to get in touch with anyone she knows.