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Thoughts after Reading about the Spanish Court's Decision to Indict Perpetrators of the Persecution

November 23, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a Spanish judge indicted five high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials--Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Bo Xilai, Jia Qinglin, and Wu Guanzheng--for their role in crimes of torture and genocide committed against Falun Gong practitioners. They have four to six weeks to reply to the charges, and could then face extradition if they travel to a country that has an extradition treaty with Spain. Human rights lawyer Carlos Iglesias said of the decision, "When one carries out the crime of genocide or torture, it is a crime against the international community as a whole and not only against Chinese citizens." This decision is a clear sign that the international community is increasingly able to see the crimes committed during the persecution for what they are, and is no longer willing to turn a blind eye to them.

The brutal persecution perpetrated by Jiang Zemin and his gang have gone on for ten years. In the last ten years, 3,336 innocent practitioners have died as a direct result of the persecution, including many who were tortured to death. These 3,336 are in fact only the confirmed cases that have managed to be exposed overseas, past the information blockade imposed by the CCP. The true number of deaths as a result of the persecution is likely to be much higher. Countless more have been imprisoned, sent to forced labor camps, or detained in brainwashing centers. When the practitioners refuse to compromise their beliefs, they are subjected to torture and all kinds of physical and mental abuse. Furthermore, the victims are not just the practitioners themselves, but their families as well.

This persecution was instigated directly by Jiang Zemin and his gang in the CCP. Even before the persecution became public and nationwide on July 20, 1999, Jiang had established the notorious 610 Office on June 10, 1999. This enormous system designed to impose the persecution permeates the local and national governments, and has often been compared to the Nazi Gestapo in its brutality and in acting above the law.

In looking at the Clearwisdom website, one can get a sampling of the brutal persecution on a daily basis. Many of these victims have been arrested, detained, subjected to forced labor, and tortured multiple times. The scope and severity of the persecution amount to a desecration of human civilization, something that cannot be tolerated by people of conscience and justice.

Despite the long-term persecution, the Falun Gong practitioners have held fast to their beliefs and despite the tremendous danger, continued to talk to people about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. Meanwhile, practitioners outside of China have also spread the goodness of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" to more than one hundred countries and regions. As a result, more and more people have understood the facts and chosen to stand on the side of justice.

Jiang Zemin and his gang are continuing to try to escape justice by, on the one hand, sealing off information from getting out of China and spreading lies through its propaganda organs, and on the other hand, tempting the world with economic benefits. They may appear to be strong at the moment, but truth and righteous belief will prevail in the long run. The Spanish court's decision is another sure sign of the world's seeing the persecution for what it is and refusal to tolerate it any longer. We believe that this will happen in more and more countries. Right now, more and more lawyers are standing up in China to defend innocent Falun Gong practitioners in court. We believe that in the near future, Jiang Zemin and his gang of criminals will face justice in China.

Aside from facing justice in human courts, Jiang Zemin and this group of criminals will surely face divine justice as well. They may be able to run rampant for a time, but that does not rule out the possibility that gods are using this as an opportunity for people to choose their future positions. When heavenly justice comes, Jiang and his gang will surely be severely punished, and so will those that followed them. This decision by the Spanish court is a sign of things to come, and sets a good example for the rest of the world.