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Cultivate Firm Righteous Thoughts and Achieve a Dafa Practitioner's Glory

November 21, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I have long thought that writing experience sharing articles for Fa conferences is a duty of diligent Dafa practitioners. However, I have always had excuses. First I was busy; second, I did not know how to write; and, third, I did not cultivate well enough. I still have numerous attachments and I felt ashamed. From studying the Fa and reading fellow practitioners' experience sharing articles, I realized that writing articles is our duty, particularly for those who do not cultivate diligently, as this will encourage us to become more diligent and walk the final path of cultivation well. Now I will report what I have learned and accomplished over the years.

Obtaining Dafa and beginning cultivation

In March 1996, while a few friends and I were gathered at a restaurant, one friend mentioned a type of qigong that was very good, called Falun Gong. I did not know why, but I went to the bookstore the next day and found Zhuan Falun. From that day on, I have never left Dafa.

I began to read nonstop from the day I purchased the book. At 10 p.m. that night, I said aloud, "I will never be sick again in this life." It was true. Since then I have never had a fever or caught cold. I deeply believe this book is not written by an ordinary person: Master is extraordinary. This is the book that I had been seeking for many years. I had always believed that there had to be higher beings existing in this universe and that there were other dimensions. I used to search for such books all over China but never found one. I also read numerous Eastern and Western religious doctrines, but none of them was what I searched for. Wow, Dafa explained everything clearly--my life found a destination. I did not live in vain. I was so happy!

After I found the treasure, due to my selfish mentality, I hid the book at home and read it over and over. Six months later, I learned that there was a group exercise site at a park with a volunteer instructor. The instructor was an old friend of mine. I wondered whether he would teach me. I invited him to come and talk about business. After he arrived, he was warmly willing to teach me how to do the exercises and how to meditate. He took me to his home and treated me to lunch, gave me exercise tapes and Master's lecture tapes, etc. I felt the sky was opening. From that point on, I joined in group Fa study and exercise. Master truly picked me up out of hell.

In November 1997, I was in a car going 62 miles an hour. Suddenly the car in front of us slowed and turned to the left; our driver was not prepared. I suddenly felt like my body was becoming smaller and smaller to infinitely small, smaller than a cell. When I woke up, it was as if I was in a different world, some kind of a warehouse. I wondered why I was sitting on broken glass. After I crawled out of a window, I realized that I had been in a car accident. The luggage and the broken windshield lay beside the car. The driver was lying on the right side of the road, his face covered with blood. The car was upside down in the middle of the road. I moved my limbs and found nothing was wrong, not even a scratch. I realized immediately that a human shaped karma had been eliminated.

Before I practiced Falun Gong, my health was poor, I constantly caught cold and had fevers. When it was serious I could not even go to work. Sometimes I felt dizzy. If there was nothing to hold onto nearby, most likely I would fall down. I had to be hospitalized twice yearly, each time for 15 days. Shortly after I obtained the Fa, I had an episode of generalized pain. It hurt so much I was rolling on the ground. It felt like each cell was hurting, even the nerve endings. I was rolling back and forth on the ground, but my mind was clear. I understood that this was karma elimination, and I called out to Master, " I am not afraid, I am not afraid. Master can raise the level. I can handle the pain." I was hurting for a whole day. When it turned dark, suddenly I was well. From that point on, I never had fever or caught cold. Sometimes I felt a little uncomfortable, but with righteous thoughts, it usually only lasted for two hours. I feel I never will have illness. I have enough righteous thoughts to handle illness karma, and the old forces can no longer take advantage of this loophole.

At this point, I see fellow practitioners still not able to pass their illness test. My understanding is that it has to be lack of righteous thoughts. My younger brother also obtained the Fa before the persecution began, but he passed away last year. He did not have enough righteous thoughts, was not clear about the Fa, and his belief was not firm. Whenever he felt sick he would always want to go to the hospital, because his family (not practitioners) encouraged him to seek medical treatment. When I was held in prison, he was so scared that he converted to Buddhism. Even though he returned to Dafa later, he was still not very clear about the Fa. I personally witnessed that Dafa has a standard, cultivation is serious, and the old forces always take advantage of a practitioner who has loopholes. I cultivated somewhat and did the three things, but he behaved like an ordinary person who was doing things for Dafa.

Studying the Fa is from your own volition: nobody can push you. I normally study two chapters a day. If I am really busy I recite Lunyu by heart many times. At night when I would do the exercises and study the Fa, I would felt warm and could smell the fragrance of each cell. After studying further, I did not feel that I was reading the Fa, it felt like I was traveling throughout the universe. One time it felt like each character [word] was like a satellite, huge, and the distances between them were enormous. They were all self rotating, and each character had oceans, land, forests, and mountains on it. Dafa is truly profound. I knew that my life could no longer leave Dafa. When I was in jail in 2000, an inmate asked me, "What if several years hence you find out that you have been deceived by your Master?" I replied, "It would still be worth it. Even if my Master is not on this earth, at least I learned Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I learned to be a good person. I believe in Master. I will never regret following Dafa." One inmate on death row stated, "Your Master has lots of money--he has a house in American." I replied, "Even if we gave the People's Meeting Hall to Master, it would be worth it, even half of the Earth." No matter how deeply I enlightened to things, I could only tell them things like this, because I could not talk beyond their understanding.

Later that inmate and the death-row inmate began to study the Fa and acknowledged Dafa. Eventually the death-roll inmate became very diligent in studying the Fa and he was saved. A few days before his execution date, his sentenced was reduced--there was hope of life again.

Dafa guides my life, my life can never be separated from Dafa. Only with Dafa do I feel happy, my life renewed. No matter what kind of difficulty occurs, nothing can keep me from cultivating diligently in Dafa.

Cultivate mature and firm righteous thoughts

We have set times for sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. Besides the regular time, we should consciously form the habit of sending forth righteous thoughts any time and anywhere. No matter if you are having a meal, walking, or riding a bus, you can send forth righteous thoughts. When I walk, I either recite the Fa by heart or send forth righteous thoughts. I feel lighter when I walk. No matter how many, stairs, I do not feel tired. My righteous thoughts are not just something I focus on once or twice, but they are a constant natural state. I truly believe the power of righteous thoughts is insurmountable, and, as a Dafa practitioner, each of my steps forward will make the evil quiver.

I spent a lot of time driving back and forth to work. I held the wheel and thought, "This is my Fa instrument." I usually tell my car, "You did not reincarnate into a human being, but it is still your good fortune to be related to a Dafa practitioner. You also need to contribute to Dafa. Master will arrange a good future for you." One day two Party secretaries wanted me to drive them to pick up something in another city 150 kilometers away. I believe Master arranged that opportunity for me to clarify the truth. These two plus two others heard the truth about Dafa and acknowledged Dafa. Some of them even quit the CCP.

Turn the "Sensitive Days" into the evil's sensitive days.

"Sensitive Days." Whose sensitive days? I believe these are prepared for Dafa practitioners. Let everyday become the evil's sensitive days. Why is the persecution still going on? It is caused by Dafa practitioner's human attachments. Many fellow practitioners still behave like ordinary people and react to the persecution passively. They cannot maintain righteous thoughts and deeds and cannot improve and mature like others. Evil takes advantages of their loopholes and creates numerous sensitive days.

I deeply believe, in the field arranged by Dafa in the human world, that thousands of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and deeds have already made it very difficult for the evil to carry out their persecution. Each sensitive day greatly reduces the evil's vitality. It is being rapidly eliminated. During this process, more and more people will understand the truth and be saved.

I am very grateful to Master and the Fa--they have granted me wisdom and enlightenment. I continue to cherish the opportunity more and more. Looking inward, I feel that I have not cultivated well. Though a veteran practitioner, I still have many human attachments, such as to a career, money, fame, fighting, and lust. I will pay close attention, use the Fa to mature, do the three things well, diligently cultivate myself, and carry out my sacred vow from the past. Master is to rectify the universe, and this is the first and final chance. I have had such good fortune to live in this sacred period of history. It is the glory of my life and all the beings that I represent. I will be more diligent, study the Fa well, walk well on the Fa rectification path, and achieve a Dafa practitioner's glory.

Please kindly point out any shortcomings.