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My Cultivation Experience Over the Past Six Years

November 21, 2009 |   By a practitioner in China


Greetings Master, greetings fellow practitioners:

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2003. During these six years of rain and shine, I have experienced extreme pain while getting rid of attachments, despair when I stepped onto the wrong path and did not know how to come back, sighs after experiencing dramatic physical and mental changes after understanding the principles of Dafa, delight for sentient beings who were saved, and also happiness for being immersed in the Fa. Thank you Clearwisdom for providing us such a platform to exchange our experiences, giving me a chance to discuss with practitioners all over the world, to find my problems and to catch up. This is also a report that I present to Master.

1. Learning the Practice

In April 2003, because I had several diseases that could not be cured for a long time, I started to practice Falun Dafa after fellow practitioners introduced the practice to me. Holding the precious book Zhuan Falun in my hands, I burst into tears. It is such a great practice and it has been spreading throughout the world for over eleven years; how come I just realized it now! I felt that I had received the Fa too late! Seeing that veteran practitioners had such good xinxing, had such good understandings towards the Fa, and were so firm in their cultivation, I admired them very much. Within three months after I obtained the Fa, I read all of Master's lectures that I could find from other practitioners. I eagerly read them and forgot to eat or sleep. After reading Master's "Touring North America to Teach the Fa" I realized that all life came for the Fa, and realized that my mission is to save sentient beings. I obtained the Fa after July 20, 1999 (when the persecution started), and my personal cultivation, validating Dafa and saving sentient all belong together. After understanding this, while I cultivated my heart, I was strict with myself. Enlightened by Master, I successfully passed xinxing tests. Every time I encountered tests in my dream, I remembered that I was a Dafa practitioner and I could pass the tests.

Before I started the practice, I had multiple diseases. After I practiced Dafa for fifteen days, I stopped taking all medicines, which I had been taking for eight years. Two months later, all of my diseases were cured without medication. While validating Dafa, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings, I talked to people about my own experience of curing my diseases and improving my xinxing. I told my friends and family, my colleagues and my neighbors about the miracle and beauty of Dafa, the truth about the persecution of Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the principle that good will be rewarded and bad will receive retribution. Since my purpose was to save people, when I clarified the truth, I often burst into tears because I saw that ordinary people were lost in the maze and were fighting for fame, money and sentiment, and forgot the purpose of being human. I often had tears streaming down my face, and I wanted to tell everyone in the world that Dafa came to save us; Master came to take us home. Wake up! Do not believe the lies of the evil any more. Once I clarified the truth to one of my colleagues, I could feel the great compassion of Master, and then tears streamed down my face. My colleague also wept with me. Finally, she said, "Since Dafa is so good, bring the book to me so that I can read about it." My friends and relatives witnessed the tremendous changes I experienced physically and mentally. Six of them started to practice and also experienced the supernormal power and miracles of Dafa. All of them praised the kindness of Dafa.

I also send forth righteous thoughts during the four global set times every day. Before I started cultivating, I had neurasthenia and I could not sleep well even when there was only some minor noise. After I started my cultivation, I slept very well. I am not been woken up by noises any more. Every time I send forth righteous thoughts at midnight, in my head I could hear the sound of a clock or the sound of my home phone, which would wake me up in time to send righteous thought. It was Master who woke me up. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I could feel that I was growing and I became an indomitable spirit.

The happiest period of time during my life was between April 2003 to January 2005. I was immersed in the shining light of Dafa, and felt a happiness that I never experienced before.

2. Running a School to Validate Dafa and Save Sentient Beings

On March 19, 2007, with the arrangement of Master, I finally returned to my hometown. On March 23, together with two other fellow practitioners, who were also my former colleagues at the school where I worked and who also had lost their jobs due to the persecution, I started an after-school program. When the banner of our school was set up, fellow practitioners were very excited and it also frightened the local evil forces. Our school followed the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, and our goal was to raise students with both ability and integrity and to spread the seeds of Truth-Compassion-forbearance to the heart of every student. Our serious attitude and selfless spirit soon won consistent high praise from both students and parents. The parents said, "Who said that Falun Gong practitioners are not good? These three teachers teach very well, and they are very patient. Our children not only got higher scores, but also learned how to behave." The students said, "Our teachers not only teach well, they also treat us well. They win our support with kindness." All the students who studied in our school understood the principle of "No pain, no gain." Whenever a new student joined the school, the students would eagerly tell him, "To study in this school, you need to follow the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance; when other people give you a hard time, you need to learn to tolerate. Because when they give you a hard time, they actually also give you virtue, and with virtue, you will have a great future."

At the beginning, we only clarified the truth to the students and we did not dare to ask them to quit the CCP, because we were afraid that the parents would not understand this. However, we were quite upset to see the students coming and going with a red scarf. Those parents and students actually come to our school to be saved. After realizing this, we got rid of the fear and started to discuss quitting the CCP with the students. Those students who quit the CCP immediately made great progress. Their scores got better, and they behaved much better.

In August 2007, the evil forces, collectively with the local police and school and business departments, closed our school with the excuse that we did not have permits from certain departments. At that time, because we were lacking righteous thoughts, we did not clarify the truth to those people. We burst into tears, because the school was all we had. The three of us formed a Fa study group. We studied the Fa and improved ourselves in the Fa. We clarified the truth here and validated Dafa here. We looked inside and found that our fear had caused the loophole. After we realized this, we corrected ourselves and got rid of it. Wherever there is a problem, that is where we should clarify the truth. We sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to support us. Then we went to clarify the truth to the government offices, business departments, and schools. It was the first time for me to return to my former school after having left it three years before. During the whole trip, I memorized Master's Hong Yin. There was only one thought in my heart: "We are back, we come back to save you." That night when I went back to my former school to clarify the truth, there was a giant colorful circle of light above the school, which lasted for a long time. Many teachers and students witnessed the outstanding scene. It was Master, who was encouraging us.

Then we rented a new house and opened our school again. The evil forces continued to come to interfere, but our school never stopped. On July 20, 2008, the evil closed our school again. Then during the night of July 23, they arrested all three of us with the excuse that the Olympics were coming and they were assigned by their supervisors to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. In the detention center, Master's Hong Yin came into my mind:

"Imprisoned as you are,
    don't be sorrowful or sad
Carry on with righteous thoughts and actions,
    and the Fa is with you
Calmly reflect on the attachments you have
Remove your human thoughts
    and evil will naturally die out"

("Don't be Sad" from Hong Yin II)

I looked inside. Was I attached to sentiment? Or did my fear cause the loophole? I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up my human notions and all the evil factors that persecute us. I realized that I should not stay here, that this is not the place for me to stay, and I should go out to save people. When the persecutors talk with me, they should only listen to me when I clarify the truth, and I should never follow their orders. I should leave here after seven days since sentient beings are waiting for me. I must leave here after seven days. As a result of this thought, the staff, who were assigned to talk to me indeed liked to listen to me clarify the truth. They did not give me any orders, and I returned home with dignity after seven days. Looking back, I realize that I did not believe in Master and the Fa enough at that time. If I would have had the thought that I must return home that same night, then I would really have gone home that night. I was able to leave the evil place within seven days, because of Master's Fa. During those seven days, besides reciting the Fa, I sent forth righteous thoughts all the time and I did not allow any free time for me to think about ordinary people's stuff or generate any human notions. After I was released, I immediately contacted the families of the fellow practitioners to rescue them. After several days, these two fellow practitioners were also released.

3. Clarifying the Truth Rain or Shine and Saving Sentient Beings

Clarifying the truth everywhere to everyone is not only a process of saving people, but also a process of getting rid of my human notions.

Starting from November 2008, there were only five days that I did not go out to clarify the truth out of the entire eleven months. If I missed one day where I did not go out to save people, I felt very empty and upset in my heart. During the past three years, I helped at least 2,100 people to quit the CCP. But I know that it was the Fa that saved these people, it was Master who did it. Without Master or Dafa, I am nobody. I know that I have not done enough. Now, I just feel that I do not have enough time, I only ask Master to give me a little more time so that I can cultivate myself better and save more people.

Here are some of my experiences of clarifying the truth on the streets during the past eleven months.

A. Studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts is the basis for clarifying the truth and saving people

All of us come from the Fa, so it is extremely important to study the Fa well, especially memorizing the Fa. I have memorized four chapters of Zhuan Falun. Whenever I encountered problems, the Fa emerged in my mind paragraph by paragraph. When I have a clear understanding of the Fa and my mission, and I have strong righteous thoughts, then I can thoroughly clarify the truth. When we send forth righteous thoughts well, then our own energy field will be pure and clear, there will be no evil interference, and people will be saved smoothly. Every day, before I go out to save people, I memorize at least half a chapter Zhuan Falun first. Then I memorize poems from Hong Yin or Master's recent lectures. Then I send forth righteous thoughts and clean up my own field, our local area and those people I should save. I send forth my truthful thoughts to all the sentient beings that I will save: "I will save you, and you must be willing to listen to the truth, and willing to quit the CCP." Then I start my journey to save people. My heart is dignified and sacred. Whenever I meet someone, I talk to them and try to engage them in conversation. If they remain silent, I send forth righteous thoughts. Then I tell him, "I sincerely hope you do well. I do not want anything but for your future to be secured." Sometimes right after I say this, I burst into tears, and they usually immediately agree to quit the CCP.

B. Maintaining a pure mind without human notions, saving people with compassion

When we clarify the truth, we need to have the correct mentality: just to save people, without any human notions. I go out every day, and there were times when I was not in a good mood and did not want to clarify the truth. Then I thought that I needed to clarify the truth even if I can only save one person. With just one person saved, all the lives behind this person will be saved. Saving one person is saving a whole universe. This simple thought motivates me to go out every day to save people. When I clarify the truth, sincere compassion comes out of my heart. Once I speak, people immediately agree to quit the CCP.

C. The thoughts of cultivators should be the thoughts of gods

The thoughts of cultivators should be the thoughts of gods, especially our first thought. Regarding going out to clarify the truth every day, my first thought is, "I am a disciple who assists Master to rectify the Fa. It is my mission to save people. No one has the right or should be allowed to interfere with this." So no matter what happens, I always go out, rain or shine. Whenever I meet someone who has a predestined relationship with me, my first thought is, "I am a divine being. I will be able to save you." The difference between a human and a god is just one thought. When I have the thought of a god, I am indeed a divine being saving people.

D. Working together as a whole body to clarify the truth, then the evil will disappear

While I clarify the truth, I've encountered many people who did not quit the CCP after other practitioners clarified the truth to them. There were also people who had read truth-clarification materials before. Since other practitioners had laid the foundation, it was quite easy for me. They agreed to quit the CCP immediately after I clarified the truth to them. When other practitioners saw me talking to these people, they stood aside to send forth righteous thoughts. If every practitioner can step out to clarify the truth, we will be united into one body, there will be no loopholes and the evil will disappear.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

Written on October 29, 2009