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Pregnant Wife of Detained Practitioner Wu Longbo Demands His Release in Vain

November 10, 2009 |  


Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wu Longbo from Jilin City was arrested by local police officers in September. For more than one month, his pregnant wife Liu Huili rushed around to rescue her husband. However, the Jilin 610 Office, the Domestic Security Division, the State Security Bureau, Changyi District Public Security Bureau and Lianhua District Police Station have refused to take responsibility for processing Wu Longbo's release.

Mr. Wu Longbo

At 8 a.m. on September 24, 2009, the Jilin City Public Security Bureau, the State Security Bureau, Changyi District Public Security Bureau and Lianhua District Police Station mobilized many police cars and officers to ransack homes and arrest people simultaneously at Wu Longbo's home in Xishan of Lianhua District, Wu Longbo's wife Liu Huili's grandmother's home on Nenjiang Road, Yan'an Street and Liu Huili's father's home.

The police broke into Wu Longbo's home and confiscated a laptop computer, an imported cell phone, two mp4 players, one mp3 player and other personal belongings. The police broke into Liu Huili's father's home and put Liu Huili's stepmother into the police car to threaten her. The police tried to ransack the house, but were stopped by Liu Huili's father.

Wu Longbo and his wife were staying in her grandmother's house on Nenjiang Road, Yan'an Street at that time. The couple was stopped downstairs by police officers when they left in the morning. Wu Longbo was taken away by the police while Liu Huili was not arrested because she is pregnant.

Liu Huili requested to visit her husband, but a female police officer from Lianhua District Police Station asked, "Why do you need to see him?" Liu Huili answered, "I have nothing to eat and drink, and I want Wu Longbo back home to take care of me." The female police officer yelled at her, "Keep dreaming!"

A few days later, the police from Lianhua District Police Station notified Liu Huili to reclaim their personal belongings that were taken by police and the warrant for arresting Mr. Wu.

Liu Huili is five months pregnant. She went to Lianhua District Police Station to strongly demand the unconditional release of her husband. Lianhua District Police shrugged off their responsibility and said, "Changyi District Public Security Bureau is handling this case, you should ask them." Liu Huili then went to Changyi District Public Security Bureau. The doorman ruthlessly turned her away and said, "The case is not resolved, you have no right to know anything!"

On October 25, Liu Huili went to the Changyi Public Security Bureau, the Domestic Security Division of the City Public Security Bureau, the City 610 Office and the State Security Bureau to inquire about Wu Longbo. The police officers all shirked the responsibility and in the end, the responsibility was shifted to the Lianhua District Police Station.

During Wu Longbo's detention, Liu Huili was only able to visit him once. Wu Longbo is very thin and haggard and his health is very bad. Liu Huili is very worried and has exhausted herself rushing around to rescue her husband.

Wu Longbo is 37 years old and Liu Huili is 27 years old. The couple have no stable jobs due to the long term persecution. They only had limited savings. Now Wu Longbo has been illegally detained for more than a month. Liu Huili is living alone and is being monitored by the police.