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Police Continue to Harass Wang Jianguo's Family After His Death

October 31, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) After Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Jianguo of Jilin City, Jilin Province died in police custody, the local police continued to harass his family members. As a result, Mr. Wang's father and wife have had to leave their home.

On April 10, 2006, Mr. Wang Jianguo passed away while illegally detained at Jilin City Detention Center in Jilin Province. His body was then taken to a funeral home. The police planned to cremate his body, but they haven't been able to get an approval from family members. At that time, Mr. Wang's wife, Ms. Zhao Qiumei, was imprisoned at a forced labor camp. After she was released, she was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution and arrest. The police then went to harass her mother who is in her late sixties.

Mr. Wang's family members still don't know the real cause of his death. The guards at Jilin City Detention Center refuse to provide a clear explanation.

After his death, Mr. Wang's parents set up a "mourning hall" for him, but it was forcibly taken down by the police from Hadawan Police Station in Changyi District, Jilin City and the Jilin City Police Department. The police also tricked Mr. Wang's family members into attending a so-called "funeral service" for him. Upon arriving at the event, they saw reporters from television and radio stations, Jilin City officials, the police and guards from the detention center and realized it wasn't a funeral service. The "host" then made a speech and stated that, "Mr. Wang Jianguo committed suicide." Mr. Wang's family became upset and criticized the police. The "service" was then ended.

The police later tried to trick Mr. Wang's father into going to the police station to discuss what to do with Mr. Wang's body by saying many nice words and promising to give him money. To avoid further harassment, Mr. Wang's father left home.

Original Article: October 19, 2009