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The Story of My Daughter

October 24, 2009 |  


My daughter is very smart. She often said that Master Li opened her wisdom. My daughter has a superior memory and ability to understand. She learns things very quickly. When she was little, I

praised her, "You are very smart." She said, "I fall asleep while you are reading the Fa and wake up to the exercise music. How can I not be smart? It is Master Li who opened my wisdom!"

My daughter's grades are far ahead of the second placed student in her class, not to mention her outstanding behavior. The County Education Department threatened not to allow her to attend high school and college if she did not join the Communist Youth League in order to intensify the persecution against me. The County Education Department also pressured me and my daughter's school officials. As a result, the school officials took turns trying to persuade my daughter to join the Communist Youth League.

Her father, who does not practice Falun Gong, was scared and told her, "You can pretend to join and then ask your mom to quit the Youth League for you. Otherwise, you will not be appraised as the 'Province Level Excellent Student.'" My daughter spoke to her father seriously, "How could I do such a horrible thing? It would be too shameful. I will never join the Youth League!" Her father was silent for a while and then said, "I respect your choice." In the end she was not recognized as the "Province Level Excellent Student." When I asked her how she felt, she said, "I don't care about it at all." She even pointed out my attachments to fame.

Now my daughter has been accepted by the best high school in the city. In fact, as long as we have righteous thoughts, the evil forces are not in charge of anything. It is our Master who is in charge of everything.