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Miracles Come with Strong Righteous Thoughts

January 09, 2009 |   By practitioners from Ningxia City, Qinghai Province

(Clearwisdom.net) One morning, my father, a practitioner, called me out of the blue. Hearing his weak voice, I knew that he must be having some tribulations and needed my help.

Over 20 years ago, my father suffered from many diseases, including hepatitis, coronary disease, and stomach problems. In my memory, my father was always sick. In fact, my mother died from worrying so much about my father's condition. Twenty years ago, the doctor predicted that my father would die from coronary disease in a short time. However, he did not die--he survived with many medications. Last year he went to see his doctor. The doctor was surprised, "This old man is still alive!" The doctor had remembered that my father was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease several years before. We had forgotten about the diagnosis.

Several years ago, after I experienced the miraculous effects of practicing Dafa, I convinced my father to practice. When I visited him several days later, he looked great. His face was rosy. It was hard to tell that he was nearly 70. In the past, he had had acrophobia, but he climbed a wall that was several meters high that even young people dared not climb. In the past several years, my father has been diligent on the path of cultivation. His health has improved dramatically and all of his diseases are cured. He is even healthier than an energetic young man.

Recently, my father has encountered some xinxing tests because my younger brother has been stubborn and owes many debts. I went to see my father. I saw him lying in bed, flat out, and he could not move. His face appeared tired, just as he was before he started practicing Falun Gong. He told me that he could not move the left side of his body and that he could not get up. It was because my brother had asked him four days before to sell his house to pay part of his debts! Concerned about my brother's situation and angry about his request, my father apparently had had a stroke.

I understood that my father's concern about my brother's situation and his angry behavior were all related to the attachment of sentimentality. He did not want to sell his house because of his attachment to self-interest. I thought, "With Teacher's help, he will be able to pass this test as long as he has strong righteous thoughts." At that time, my heart was exceptionally pure, my brain was very clear, and my expressions were very accurate. The Fa principles were clearly manifested level by level ,as if Teacher were there next to me. I knew that Teacher was supporting me and my father. Everything was done by Teacher and Teacher was using my mouth to give hints to my father. To my father, I cited Teacher's words that practitioners did not have diseases. I then helped him to reinforce his belief that all of these symptoms were not diseases but fake manifestations created by the old forces to test practitioners and that, even further, these fake manifestations had developed for specific reasons. I further helped him to understand that these "diseases" had developed because he had attachments to sentimentality and self-interest and that they would naturally go away if he could let go of these attachments. I helped him to recite Teacher's words in Zhuan Falun and relayed to him my own understandings. With Teacher's help, my father quickly came to an improved understanding, and a miracle happened!

Gradually, his face became rosy and appeared joyful. He suddenly could sit up. His voice became strong. Soon he could raise his left arm, although his left hand still appeared rigid. Gradually, he could extend his left hand and his palm. Then he could extend his fingers and make a fist.

At that time, I asked my father how he felt. He said, "Very comfortable. I feel as though the blood vessels in my whole body are connecting rapidly." After a short while, he could flex his left leg and he said out loud, "I have recovered!" I further encouraged him, "Can you get out of bed? Can you go use the toilet by yourself?" He then got out of bed and used the toilet on his own. Then he joyfully walked around! The whole process lasted less than two hours.

That same afternoon, when I went to visit him he was not at home. I was told that he had ridden his motorcycle to the market to buy vegetables. When I met him again, he said, "I feel even better than before!"

Due to my limited understanding, please point out anything that's inappropriate. I want to thank Teacher once again.