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Veteran Practitioner Ms. Ma Xiulan from Guangdong Province Is Persecuted and on the Verge of Death

January 31, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ma Xiulan is a practitioner in the Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. On January 6, 2009, she was persecuted almost to death. Her family went to the Armed Police Hospital in Guangzhou City to bring her home and take her to another hospital. It was announced that cancer was spreading throughout her body. It was in the late stages and too late for surgery or other types of treatment, as she could die at any moment.

Ms. Ma Xiulan, 67, was born in Shandong Province. She followed her two daughters to the Nanhai District in Foshan City and she has lived there for over 12 years. After Ms. Ma started practicing Falun Gong, she obtained great physical health. On June 19, 2008, she was captured by officers from the Diejiao Police Station when she was distributing Falun Gong informational materials in the Diejiao Neighborhood. She was detained at the Nanhai Detention Center. Ms. Ma's physical health has worsened ever since. She was getting thinner and weaker until she could no longer take in any food or eliminate any waste. She looked like she was shriveling up and dwindling away. The detention center never reported her condition to her family.

Ms. Ma's family was eager to know about her situation. They searched each detention center, court, 610 Office, police department and station, but no one helped them or cared. The money and materials sent by the family to Ms. Ma were never delivered. On December 3, 2008, Ms. Ma's daughter went to the court, where she was told the trial date was that very afternoon. Before that, family members were told by the Procuratorate that the court date was December 22, 2008. The whole family waited at the courtroom entrance, hoping to see Ms. Ma.

Around 3:00 p.m. on December 3, 2008, the police car that transported Ms. Ma arrived at the entrance. The family saw that Ms. Ma was so extremely skinny that her bones showing, and she was barely recognizable. When her daughter called her name, she was not able to recognize her. The police carried her into the courtroom for the trial to begin. According to sources, that day was the third time Ms. Ma had been taken to the court to be sentenced. Because of her physical condition, each time the court had had to be adjourned.

Ms. Ma had already been detained for six months. The persecution she had endured had left her mentally unstable and she was unable to walk. She had to be carried from the car by the police and held up by two people in order to stand in the courtroom. Her family inquired about her physical condition, but no one replied. They immediately applied for a release for her to seek medical treatment, but it was denied. The judge even boasted that she would be sentenced to at least three years in prison.

On January 6, 2009, Ms. Ma's daughter received a call from the detention center, telling the family to go to the Armed Police Hospital in Guangzhou City and take Ms. Ma home. The family arrived as early as they could but waited at the hospital for several hours. They tried to ask the hospital staff about Ms. Ma's condition and requested her medical records but were ignored. The police did not allow her family members any contact with the hospital staff.

Ms. Ma Xiulan was excited to return home, and her mental state was not bad. However, she suddenly turned extremely weak after a few hours. There were many bruises on her body. According to Ms. Ma, she was beaten by the staff at the detention center. Her family took her to a hospital for treatment right away. After a check-up, the hospital announced that there were tumors were spreading throughout her body and she could not be treated.

When the court was trying to sentence Ms. Ma, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel brought in a so-called "supporting lawyer" named Zhao Guoping. He asked Ms. Ma to say that she had been hired and paid to distribute the materials. He had known from the beginning about the persecution that Ms. Ma had been subjected to, but without a conscience, he not only didn't help request treatment for Ms. Ma, he also helped the CCP hide her condition from her family. When the family asked Zhao Guoping to apply for a later sentencing and get her released for medical treatment, he had the family pay him 1000 yuan in cash. After Ms. Ma returned home, her family saw what serious condition she was in and called the lawyer to inquire about her situation in recent months. The lawyer was nowhere to be found, and his cell phone was completely turned off.

Ms. Ma was extremely healthy six months ago. Since she was persecuted by the CCP, she has become extremely thin and feeble, and her condition is critical. All her family, friends, and neighbors have witnessed the shameful conduct of the CCP in persecuting its own people.

We ask that international human rights organizations and the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong pay close attention to this incident.

The currently known main figures who participated in the persecution of Ms. Ma Xiulan include:

Li Yanghuan, former chief of the Political Security Section in Nanhai District Police Department: 86-13702651133 (Cell), 86-757-6336371 (Office)
610 Office: 86-757-86289885 (Office)
Ye Bingkun: 86-13928611599 (Cell), 86-757-86286256 (Office)
Zhong Liyi (female): 86-13802466883 (Cell), 86-757-86336371 (Office)
People's Court in the Nanhai District:
Court police officer: 86-13902898331 (Cell)
Zhao Guoping, lawyer: 86-13929962995 (Cell)