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Details about the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Baodi, Tianjin

September 09, 2008 |  


Liu Guiying arrested and taken to Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp

On June 26, 2008, Ms. Liu Guiying, in her 50s, was arrested by plainclothes police officers while she was distributing information materials describing the persecution of Falun Gong in a market. Soon thereafter, her home was searched and ransacked, and Falun Gong books and other related materials were confiscated. Ms. Liu was detained at the Dazhong Police Station for 24 hours and then taken to the Baodi Detention Center, where she was held for about two months. During this time, her family asked for her release many times and had over 10,000 yuan extorted from them. Ms. Liu has now been sentenced to one year and three months of forced labor and admitted to the Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp in the Dagang District of Tianjin City.

Many practitioners' homes searched and ransacked

At noon on July 7, 2008, while people were taking their afternoon naps, Liu Haishan, head of the Dazhong Police Station, along with personnel from the Political Security Section of the Baodi Police Department and led by Wu Zhenling from the Security Section of the Dazhong Farm, drove an unmarked vehicle to the homes of numerous practitioners on Dazhong Farm and searched and ransacked those homes.

(1) Ms. Zang Hui, 48, got home around noon on July 7 and saw her house being searched and ransacked. Her Falun Gong books and exercise tapes were taken away.

(2) Ms. Zhang Yuxia, 43, and her husband were both at work at noon on July 7, 2008. Since there was no one home and the door was locked, the police jumped over the wall, which she shared with her neighbor, and got into her house. They searched her home and took all of her husband's (a non-practitioner) foreign currency, which he had brought back from his overseas studies that were sponsored by his work unit before their marriage. The police kicked open the locked door and left the house. Then they went to search the home of another family member. They took a recorder and all her Falun Gong books as well as DVDs and information materials. They then went looking for her at her workplace. Ms. Zhang was later illegally arrested at her mother's home. She was taken to Dazhong Police Station, where she was interrogated. She resisted, and the police were not able to get any information from her. On July 8, 2008, she was admitted to the Baodi District Detention Center and has been there ever since.

On July 7, the authorities summoned her husband from his work unit to the Dazhong Police Station, where they threatened him for four to five hours before releasing him. They returned the foreign currencies they had taken from the house after her husband demanded them.

(3) Mr. Liu Aibing, in his 30s, is a postman. His house was broken into by the police when his ten-year-old-son was alone at home on the afternoon of July 7. The police took his Falun Gong books from the bedside table. Mr. Liu was arrested while he was delivering newspapers in the afternoon. When the police discovered that he had paper currency with messages about the persecution written on them, the took away the key to his motorbike and withheld it. He turned and ran away, but the police chased after him and called in a number of police cars to block the intersections. Mr. Liu managed to get away, but he could not return home. Even so, the police didn't let the matter rest and went to the work unit of his wife, Chen Shufang, who is also a practitioner. They took her Falun Gong books and escorted her home for another round of house searching.

(4) Ms. Wang Fugui, 39, is from the Changheng Village of Dazhongzhuang. At around 12:30 p.m. on July 7, policemen Wang Lianfu, Wang, and a security officer, led by the village Party Secretary Song Lianzhu, suddenly broke into her house. They used the Olympic Games as an excuse and said that higher authorities had ordered that every house be searched for Falun Gong books, Master's photos, exercise tapes, and New Year's greeting cards. Ms. Wang challenged them by asking what law she had violated when she hung up Master's picture. They said that anything with the characters "Li Hongzhi" was against the law.

Liu Haishan, head of the Dazhong Police Station, was transferred elsewhere soon afterwards. It is not known where .