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Jinzhou City Court Officials Heavily Sentence Five Falun Gong Practitioners

September 10, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Taihe District Court officials in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province announced the trial results of Ms. Liu Fengmei and four other practitioners after the court's morning session. These practitioners were in court on August 4-13, 2008. Ms. Liu Fengmei was sentenced to a 13-year term, and Ms. Zhang Xiulan, Mr. Huang Cheng, Mr. Qu Chengye and Ms. Hu Yuyuan were each sentenced to 6-year terms. The attorneys for these practitioners were in the courtroom on time.

On the same day, after Judge Liang Hexiang announced the trial results in the court, all five practitioners appealed. When Ms. Liu Fengmei and the other practitioners were taken away from the courtroom, Ms. Liu asked the judges and prosecutors to reconsider their actions. The Taihe District Court police head Pan Hongzhong immediately punched Ms. Liu in the chest viciously. Ms. Liu's son, who was sitting in the audience, stood up and shouted to Pan Hongzhong, "Don't hit my mother!" Ms. Liu's younger brother also stood up and said, "How dare you hit her in front of everyone?" Judge Liang Hexiang heard them and said, "You will be taken away from the court if you shout again."

When practitioner Ms. Hu Yuyuan was about to be taken away from the court, she said out loud to the judges, "I practice Falun Gong and have become a good citizen. I am innocent. What you have done is a grave injustice."

The attorneys continued to plead not guilty for the five Falun Gong practitioners in the second trial.

In August 2008, the Taihe Court officials in Jinzhou City secretly tried Mr. Zhang Litian, a Falun Gong practitioner from Laizhou City, Shandong Province. They sentenced him to five years in prison. In the court's judgment of Mr. Zhang Litian, Sun Jingchao was the juryman and Xiao Dan was the judicial secretary. However, in the court's judgments of Ms. Liu Fengmei and the other three practitioners, the role of the juryman and judicial secretary were switched. Xiao Dan became the juryman and Sun Jingchao became a judicial secretary. The court panel is fixed and can't be replaced or switched in normal court proceedings.

Li Weijia, 50, is the new head of Jinzhou City 610 Office. He was previously the deputy director of an administrative office in the Police Department of Jinzhou City.

Mr. Xiang Ying and Mr. Miao Jian'guo are practitioners from Jingzhou City. They are being held at the Xinshou Division of Jinzhou Prison.

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