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Getting Rid of Attachments to the Olympic Games and Prophecies

August 06, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) In the past several years, all kinds of disasters have taken place in China. People have been discussing what would happen on that day, which was predicted through several disasters, what the CCP would encounter before and after the Olympic Games, etc. People are guessing at the fate of the CCP, the accuracy of prophecies, as well as whether the Olympic Games will be successful or not. They are ordinary people, not cultivators. Faced with the prospect of catastrophes, they naturally had such worries. However, a while ago, I found that many practitioners had similar thoughts. Some practitioners wondered whether the Olympic Games of Beijing could be held or not and discussed what would happen in a certain month according to some prophecies. We are Falun Dafa practitioners. As cultivators, we should not have attachments to time and prophecies.

We have seen too many lessons from being attached to time and the cosmic climate, but we have not learned from them. Our minds were moved while on the path of cultivation and Fa-validation. As long as we have any attachment, the old forces insist on directing things towards the opposite result, which would increase the tribulations involved with validating the Fa. Of course, it does not mean that something would happen to the Olympic Games if we did not have attachments about it. The Olympic Games are a thing of ordinary society. The cosmic climate changes and people move accordingly. The human world changes as the battle between good and evil progresses. What we want to eliminate are those evil beings that are intent on destroying the Fa-rectification and persecuting people. We want all beings to know the truth and thus be saved. We do not target everything that the CCP does or hope that certain things fail. The CCP intends to damage Fa-rectification, so it has chosen its fate and has no place in the Three Realms. Dafa practitioners are exposing its true nature as we validate the Fa and clarify the truth, but our goal is to help everyone clearly recognize it, get away from it, and thus be saved. We should not seek solutions from the outside and expect that it will effect any change. All beings are waiting on us. Should we really be hoping for ordinary people to do something?

The prophets in history were cultivators, had supernormal capabilities, or obtained special powers one way or another. However, what they obtained and cultivated could not match the Dafa that we cultivate today. Some practitioners cannot extricate themselves from prophecies and are attached to them. Master said in Zhuan Falun:

"But if you say: 'I'm just interested in studying the scriptures,' and you always study the scriptures, you will be practicing in that school of practice, since the scriptures have also integrated the gong and the Fa from that school of practice. Once you study it, you will be practicing in that school of practice. It involves this issue. If you study it in depth and follow that school of practice, you may have assumed that school of practice instead of ours. "

Cultivation is a serious thing. Prophecies have laid a groundwork for today's grand play of Falun Dafa practitioners' assisting Master in Fa-rectification, which is used for us to clarify the truth and save all beings. Master said:

Some people are always attached to what prophecies have said and why it didn't happen that way. They've begun to take these as the Fa. Don't forget that since the start of Fa-rectification, everything has had to be determined by what the future needs, including what process the Fa-rectification itself goes through. Prophecies can be used only when they are conducive to saving sentient beings. There are also people who say, "Something Master said seems to mean such and such, but why didn't it happen when the time came?" [People who feel that way are] actually all just speculating. Isn't an attachment to time an attachment? Only when you cultivate without any omissions or gaps is it the best cultivation. Dafa disciples are to do what Dafa disciples are supposed to do, openly and with confidence. When you [are able to do that] and have no thoughts of being dependent on other people or things, the evil won't dare to exploit your gaps, and bad things will flee at the mere sight of you, because you have no omissions that it can exploit." (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

Fa-rectification cultivation requires a mindset of being undisturbed and not having pursuit, so that we can manifest our righteous thoughts and divine side.