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Ms. Chen Yumei Beaten to Death by Dongta Airport Police--Persecution of Her Family Continues

August 26, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 3, 2008, Ms. Chen Yumei, a practitioner in Shenyang City, was beaten by police officers from Dongta Airport Police Station (formerly called Changan Police Station) during an illegal arrest. A blow to her head was so heavy that she lost consciousness. Attempts to save her were futile, and Ms. Chen passed away on the evening of July 4 at the Air Force 463 Hospital. She was 48.

A month after Ms. Chen passed away, the Dongta Airport Police Station had not investigated as to why she died. Instead, within two weeks of her death they used the same tactic to arrest another practitioner, Wang Xin (who was in their fifties).

On the evening of July 3, a few police officers from Dongta Airport Police Station came to Chen Yumei's home and told her family that she was involved in a car accident and had lost consciousness. Actually, no traffic police were involved in her case. She was beaten to death and the officers fabricated a story about her death.

Many eyewitnesses saw Ms. Chen being beaten on the street.

Later, Ms. Chen's son-in-law went to the Dongta Airport Police Station and asked the head of the police station about the cause of the accident. He told him it was not a car accident, but the police didn't want to elaborate on the matter.

What was the real cause of her death? On the evening of July 3, when some of Ms. Chen's family members were taking Ms. Chen to the hospital, the officers from Dongta Airport Police Station had her home surrounded. Furthermore, they didn't allow her relatives and neighbors to leave their homes. Several officers ransacked the home and took a laptop computer, a DVD player, and a few thousand yuan.

The officers had been tracking Ms. Chen before the arrest. This is a common practice at the Dongta Airport Police Station, and is why when she lost consciousness, they quickly found her home and asked her family members to come and take her to the emergency room.

While Ms. Chen was being treated at the Air Force 463 Hospital, officers from the Dongta Airport Police Station were watching her family members at the hospital. They showed their police identification to the doctors, and it was not known what type of agreement they reached regarding Ms. Chen. The diagnosis showed that there was bleeding in her brain, and there were wounds on her body. It clearly indicated that she was beaten to death.

A picture taken of Ms. Chen when she died also revealed the atrocity by the police officers.

The morning when Ms. Chen's body was to be cremated, two police vans and a black sedan were parked near her home. A plainclothes police officer came to question Ms. Chen's husband.

Although her body was cremated, all evidence indicates that the Dongta Airport Police Station is responsible for her death.

After minghui.ca (Chinese version of the Clearwisdom website) exposed the news of Ms. Chen Yumei's death, the Dongta Airport Police Station tried to arrest Ms. Chen's husband. Her son-in-law asked, "What crime did my father-in-law commit? Do you have a warrant for his arrest?" The officers didn't have an answer. Instead, they encouraged the local community to expel the Chen family from their residence. The attempt to save Ms. Chen's life already cost the family 20,000 yuan, which is a significant sum for a family on a limited income. If they are forced to give up their small business, it would be an unimaginable hardship.