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Recent Cases of Persecution in Qiqihar City (Photo)

August 21, 2008 |  


Police officers at the Wenhua Road Police Station in Qiqihar City arrest Mr. Li Zhenzhong and other practitioners

Mr. Li Zhenzhong lost his job after he was released from Tailai Prison. At around 6 p.m. on August 5, 2008, while Mr. Li was riding his three-wheeler to the No. 28 Middle School for an evening fair, he was arrested near the school by a group of police officers from the Wenhua Road Police Station. An older female practitioner and two young male practitioners were also arrested at the same time. One practitioner was severely beaten and injured during the arrest. As a result of the beating, he walked with a limp.

Mr. Li Zhenzhong was badly beaten after he was taken to the Wenhua Road Police Station, and his head was bleeding. Police officers beat and cursed at him while they dragged him down the stairs and pushed him into a van to take him to the hospital. He was taken back to the police station after his wound was bandaged. At the police station Mr. Li was taken to the 4th floor, where police officers attempted to torture him further on a washboard and with plastic bags. Mr. Li's wife went to the police station to request that her husband be released and has not returned home since.

Wenhua Road Police Station in Qiqihar City: 86-452-2712993
Xu Huan, Chief of Wenhua Road Police Station
Zhang Shoulun, Deputy Chief of Wenhua Road Police Station
Wang Hongjun and Gao Weixing, police officers from Wenhua Road Police Station

Wenhua Road Police Station

Crimes committed by Jianhua District Political and Legal Committee and 610 Office in Qiqihar City

Before the Olympic torch arrived in Qiqihar City on July 13, the Jianhua District Political and Legal Committee and officials from 610 Office instructed police officers from each local police station to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. They also directed each street office, residential committee and unemployed to follow, monitor, and harass practitioners. Several practitioners were arrested.

Wang Wei, Qiqihar City Political and Legal Committee Secretary: 86-452-2553808 (Office), 86-452-2712468 (Home), 86-13845209158 (Cell)
Zhao Ping, 610 Office head: 86-452-2551254 (Office), 86-452-5965262, 86-13079629533 (Cell)

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Shuchun from Qiqihar City arrested

On the morning of July 7, 2008, Ms. Wang Shichun, who is over 60 years old and from Qiqihar City, was arrested. The police ransacked her home and confiscated a computer, two printers, printer supplies and some cash.

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