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Stepping Out of Humanness, Smoothly Accomplishing the Three Things

August 12, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in the second half of 2004. I have a store that is located in a popular area. Every day, quite a few people and police cars pass our store. If I can really let go of my fear in order to validate Dafa and help people to resign from CCP and its affiliated organizations, many sentient beings could be saved!

I treat my store as a center for quitting the CCP. There are service centers for quitting the CCP outside of China. My store is not a formal service center. However, if we have the will, Master will send the people with predestined relationships here.

With rationality and wisdom, I try to persuade everyone who comes into my store to withdraw from CCP. Through clarifying the truth, I met several fellow practitioners. There are always some practitioners coming to my store every day. Together, we share understandings, clarify the truth, and distribute truth-clarifying materials, including VCDs, the small booklet, Disintegrating CCP Culture, and Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Through these continuous efforts, I have gradually let go of my fear.

One day, a person drove a police car to my store. In the beginning, I did not have the courage to clarify the truth. Several times after that he came to the store. I asked, "Why are you in such a hurry? Are you going to attend a CCP party members meeting? You don't look like a government official." He said, "I am a CCP party member. I am not a government official and not in a hurry. However, I've belonged to the CCP for more than 10 years."

While sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements trying to keep him from accepting the truth, I explained the importance of resigning from the CCP from a third person point of view. He said, "All right, then. If other people quit, I would like to quit also. You will take care of everything, right?" In such a way, he resigned from the CCP.

A couple from Changchun City came to my store. We are old neighbors. Both of them are party members. I clarified the truth to them. One said, "You have to convince me. Otherwise, I am an excellent party member and I won't quit the CCP easily. I won't refuse to consider what you said; however, do you have any evidence or facts to show me?"

I gave them the truth-clarifying VCD, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and Disintegrating CCP Culture. After they finished watching them, they were convinced, came back and resigned from the CCP.

My fiancée and I each take care of a store. Therefore, our fellow practitioners could come to our stores to discuss their understandings at any time. Our local truth-clarifying efforts could also be well coordinated. In the daytime, we study the Fa and clarify the truth. In the evening, we distribute truth-clarifying materials and VCDs, hang up banners, and put up posters on the walls. Some practitioners clarified the truth over the telephone to perpetrators who arrested other Falun Gong practitioners. The environment among our practitioners is one of harmony and cooperation.

Let's coordinate well our efforts in the limited time left in order to save more sentient being. Let's step out of humanness and smoothly accomplish the three things.