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When Will We Truly Become Divine Beings?

July 28, 2008 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading a short article on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom), "Practitioners who are Blacklisted in Shijiazhuang City Please Move Everything, Including Computers as Soon as Possible," my heart became very heavy.

When we come across a problem, be it of human or divine nature, we are required to look within. To resolve the issue at hand is critical and it is the dividing line between a human and a divine being. At present some practitioners are taking a passive attitude and try to hide from the seemingly rampant persecution. They use human notions to look at the situation and a human method to achieve temporary security. This not only enforces their attachment of fear, but also finds an excuse in the Fa to cover up human attachments. Some practitioners said that they would only do what they have enlightened to. This would be understandable if they had said this at the beginning of the persecution. However, nine years have passed and Teacher has made it very clear in many of his Fa lectures that in facing the evil factors, practitioners should be as solid and unshakable as diamond, and eliminate interference with righteous thoughts. Therefore, there is no question of having enlightened to anything. If we still fail to do well, then we are not doing things in accordance to what Teacher said. Isn't this an indication that one does not believe in Teacher and the Fa?

Cultivation is to improve our morality. If at the critical moment we yield to the mentality of fear, instead of thinking that this is a good opportunity to let go of attachments, expose the evildoers and eliminate all the evil forces, then do we really want to cultivate? Are we truly cultivating? How many opportunities do we still have? We all know that the Fa-rectification is in the last stage. If we do not do well now, will we still have the opportunity to do well later? If we are not steadfast and righteous now, when can we be steadfast and righteous? If we do not think in the way of a divine being, when do we plan to completely get rid of the human side and cast off this human shell?

Some practitioners described yielding to the fear mentality as being "in line with human behavior." As a matter of fact it would be alright if it is said to be in line with human notions, but it's wrong if it is said to conform with human behavior. Mr. Wang Zhaojun wrote letters to Hu Jingtao (Chinese President) and Wen Jiabao (Chinese Premier) three times, using his real name. He also openly appealed on the Internet to stop the persecution of Falun Gong. Wasn't that human behavior? Mr. Kong Qiang openly exposed Jiang Zemin (former Chinese President) on the Internet with his real name and called on the authorities to arrest Jiang Zemin. Wasn't that human behavior? In history, how many people with noble thoughts put their life on the line for a just cause and stepped forward to achieve justice for the citizens of a nation? As practitioners we must call for freedom of belief. In fact, it is granted to every Chinese citizen by the Chinese Constitution. Practitioners must resist the persecution by the evil regime, which is in violation of the constitution. Isn't this ordinary people's behavior? Do you really believe that dragging out an ignoble existence in face of the persecution, compromising for the sake of the general interest, being in the state of anxiety and going into hiding are in line with ordinary people's way of doing things?

Dafa embraces heaven and earth. Divine beings would not betray this great law of the universe when facing pressure from the evil forces. As good people in the human world, we must not betray our conscience when facing pressure from the evil regime. If we are arrested and taken to a police station or a detention center, what shall we do? As practitioners don't we still need to send forth righteous thoughts and do well with the three things? It does not matter if we are at home or detained, safe or persecuted, we must do the three things well. Then why can't we completely let go of the "mentality of being afraid of being persecuted" and do three things nobly and righteously? When the evildoers spread some kind of news, wasn't this a test to see whether we would accept their arrangement? If we have a fear mentality, try to hide things or even leave home to avoid being arrested, haven't we accepted their arrangements? They will certainly take the opportunity to do what they want. If we remain as solid as diamond and only listen to what Teacher said, have no fear of life or death and shout, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are good!" and, "Falun Dafa is good!" even if we only have one breath left, we would be very calm and fearless. If we really have righteous thoughts then we should not have to worry, need not cover up our fear mentality with this or that kind of excuse, but only need to follow the requirements of the Fa.

As a matter of fact, whether there is or isn't a persecution is in essence not something we should think about. What we should really think is how to eliminate the evil factors and how to save more sentient beings. No matter what obstacles the evildoers set up and what false impressions they create, we only need to do the three things well and save more people. When we do not hold the slightest fear for ourselves, our families or our own interests, isn't this the righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism? Whenever we hear news of the persecution we should consider it as the call to arms. As practitioners, we must send forth more righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil forces with the supernal power of Dafa. If all practitioners in Shijiazhuang are truly at this level of understanding, the evildoers dare not do anything. Haven't they been eliminated a long time ago? However, many practitioners feel insecure, hide Dafa materials and become homeless to avoid being arrested. In other dimensions, this does not look good. When the evil forces charged toward us in formation, the camp of practitioners was like a porous sheet with everyone trying to go into hiding. We should feel ashamed. Can we still say that we are Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners? Master said that we should think, "My body would still sit there even with my head cut off." ("Huge Exposure" from Essentials for Further Advancement). This is a true practitioner.

My fellow practitioners, we must ask ourselves whether we truly believe in Teacher and the Fa, whether we are truly cultivating. We need to ask ourselves, when will we become true divine beings?

I have shared openly with my fellow practitioners, opening my thoughts and heart. If there is anything that is not in line with the Fa, please feel free to comment and correct.