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Cultivation Stories of Six-year-old Doudou

July 15, 2008 |   By a practitioner originally from Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) My daughter Doudou is 6 years old this year. She began Falun Dafa cultivation practice when she was only 3. At that time, she often listened to me read Zhuan Falun aloud. Before she went to sleep at night, she always asked to listen to Teacher's lectures. Sometimes she also did the exercises together with me. Doudou's posture was very good when she crossed her legs, and she was very serious when she sat in the double lotus position and conjoined her hands. Although she was only 3 years old at the time, her pure heart for validating Dafa made me feel ashamed in comparison.

Once when I was having a phone conversation with my younger sister, Doudou suddenly grabbed the phone, and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" At the time I was very shocked. Since I had become afraid, I told Doudou not to casually say that to others, because the bad police nowadays do not allow people to practice Falun Gong. But after a couple of days, Doudou said, "Sorry Mommy, I did not follow your words. I told my friends and my nanny about Falun Gong." At that time I had already realized that my words had stemmed from fear, so I told Doudou "That is fine. You can tell your friends that Falun Dafa is good."

When Doudou was five years old, I went into asylum in Korea and I could no longer go back to China. Doudou was sent to the home of her paternal grandmother. Then her father returned to the home, and led her to listen to Teacher's lectures. Later, Doudou came together with her father to Korea, and they received asylum. After she came to Korea, Doudou became more diligent. Almost every day, she studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together with the adults. She also joined us to distribute truth-clarification materials on the street. Probably because many people could feel her pure heart, they were very willing to accept newspapers from her. Sometimes no one took her newspapers for a long time, and she would then become a little frustrated. Other practitioners and I would encourage her, and told her about the principle of "Doing, but without pursuit " ("Abiding in the Dao" from Hong Yin) that was taught by Teacher. Then she quickly recovered. She would often use the Korean that she had just learned to say "Falun Dafa is good!"

On the first day that Doudou went to kindergarten, I was a little worried that she would not be used to it since she was the only Chinese child and she did not understand the language. However, she came back happily and said, "The teachers and kids in the kindergarten are very nice. Although there was a little boy kicking me, I was not angry at all. He gave me virtue." Sometimes her father could not maintain his xinxing well and had a fit of temper towards her, but she would smile and say, "Daddy, you gave me virtue again." Daddy would be taken aback by her words and begin to smile. Now Doudou can also do the sitting mediation for as long as an hour. During the last 15 minutes of the sitting mediation, she sometimes cried due to the pain. I felt this was a little too cruel on her, so I told her that if it was too painful, she could stop. She cried and said, "No, I don't want to go to hell," because I had told her that Teacher saved us from hell.

After Doudou came to Korea, she passed a test of sickness karma. She had a fever, her whole body ached, her throat was in pain and her chest also felt very uncomfortable. She cried when she was very uncomfortable, but she was very steadfast throughout the entire situation. On the second day, we had to go to a parade, and in the morning Doudou's symptoms were suddenly gone. Because we needed to walk a long way during the parade, her father was worried that she might be too weak to make it. However, she insisted on not allowing her father to carry her and said, "If non-practitioners see a little Dafa practitioner carried by others, it would not be acceptable."

To a little practitioner, eliminating the sentimental attachment to one's mother is a difficult test. I practice with the Divine Land Marching Band at night. Since my husband gets off work late and we don't want to delay Doudou's Fa study and exercise, I send her to another practitioner so that she could join group Fa Study and exercises in the evening. At first she agreed, but when I was indeed leaving, she grabbed my arms, cried loudly and insisted on going to the Divine Land Marching Band practice with me. I told her that Teacher said every practitioner has to follow their own path, and reminded her that she should let go of the sentiment towards mommy. Although she agreed, she was still very upset. She cried while she walked to the practice site and kept looking back while she was walking. Later, I quit my job, hoping to have more time at home for Dafa projects. Doudou firmly insisted that she would stay at home with me to do the three things and that she did no longer wanted to attend kindergarten. At the beginning I thought that she wanted to save more sentient beings, so I agreed, but after a while I realized that Doudou was still attached to the sentiment towards me and she actually wanted to have more time with me. My husband and I talked with her several times and asked her to go to school, but she refused. One time, after our group Fa study, several practitioners reminded Doudou that she should go to school. I also told her seriously, "There are so many kids in the kindergarten waiting for you to help save them. You probably promised that you would do so. Now you want to be together with mommy, and you no longer want to save them? Saving people or staying with mommy, which one is more important? How many children died during the Sichuan earthquake? You also saw the news, it was just because they did not get to know the truth in time." After hearing this, she thought for a while and said, "Mommy, I think saving people is more important. I will go to kindergarten tomorrow." When I picked her up from kindergarten, she said, "Mommy, I think my sentiment towards you got a little better. I used to want to hold your arm while walking, and now I don't feel like doing that any more." After hearing her words, I was very happy and very touched.

Of course, sometimes Doudou wants to play all the time, and sometimes she is lazy. But I found that when this was the case, it was always when the adults were not very diligent. When we do well, she can easily accept our reasoning with her. I feel that the process of leading little disciples helps me eliminate selfishness and gradually reach the realm of "selflessness and altruism" required by Teacher. Dafa Cultivation is indeed very serious and the standard for little disciples is the same. We should definitely lead the little disciples well, because their sentient beings are also waiting for them to go back. We can't relax their requirements because they are young or because we are too busy with other projects.

This is just my personal experience sharing. Please kindly correct my errors.