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Administering Essence of Mustard Oil - One of the Tortures Used by Daqing City Police

July 15, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners detained in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, have suffered many tortures since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime started persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in 1999. The Clearwisdom website has reported the following tortures (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/12/18/92246.html for definitions): Tying the Ropes, Freezing, Slave Labor, Electric Shocking, Stirring a Wooden Stick inside the Mouth, Tiger Bench, Pouring Freezing Cold Water over the Practitioners, Scalding with Boiling Water, Rubbing the Skin, Squat with the Eyes Open, Hanging up by a Rope, Stabbing with Needles, Riding on an Iron Stick, Sleep Deprivation, Turning the Head Urgently, Sitting on an Iron Tube, Cruelly Beating with the Heel of a Shoe, Beating the Shins, Sitting Still Torture, Suffocating with a Blanket, Flying an Airplane, Dead Person's Bed, Being Confined in a Solitary Compartment, Handcuffing, Ankle Shackles, Taping the Mouth, Covering the Head with a Plastic Bag, Sitting on a Stick, Hanging onto Metal Bed by Hands Cuffed from Behind, Speech Deprivation, Cigarette Burns, Strolling in the Garden, Propping up the Stick, Force-feeding Nerve Damaging Drugs, Sitting on a Basin, etc. Here another form of torture is exposed: Administering Essence of Mustard Oil.

Essence of mustard oil is harmful to humans and can produce a very sharp taste and smell. After the victim is forced to ingest mustard oil, no trace of torture is visible. But, internally, he is badly injured. The symptoms include difficulty breathing, choking, chest pain, chest discomfort, coughing, and inability to swallow. The guards often fabricate stories of hunger strikes or suicide attempts when the victim is unable to eat after the torture.

The guards normally interrogate a practitioner during the day. After all the threats and manipulations fail, they tell the practitioner, "Let's see how we are going to fix you." They leave one or two people to watch the practitioner, depriving him of sleeping and not allowing him to close his eyes. At midnight, they return and restrain the practitioner in a special metal chair. The practitioner is handcuffed behind his back. His feet are tied by the ankles. He cannot move any part of his body. Three or four guards act simultaneously, grabbing the practitioner's hair, pushing his head backward, and quickly covering his mouth and nose with a mask saturated with mustard oil. Immediately, the victim's nose runs and his eyes water, his breathing becomes difficult, and he feels that he is going to suffocate. The guards then cover the victim's head with a plastic bag coated inside with mustard oil and seal it. They do not open the bag until the victim has passed out. They then open the bag to revive the victim only to repeat the process over and over. Another method they employ is to continually apply the oil around the victim's eyes and nose. Yet another form of the torture is to continually pour spicy pepper oil or mustard oil on the mask that covers the victim's mouth and nose. The guards take pleasure in the suffering of their victims. They even carry the mustard oil soaked masks in their pockets so they can use them at any time against detained practitioners.

If the victim does not acquiesce after that, they use syringes to force mustard oil directly into the victim's mouth and nose. The victim faints. They pour cold water on the victim to revive him and repeat the torture again. They try to force practitioners give up their belief during the extreme and intense pain.

The torture may last from several hours to ten or twenty hours. The police continue applying the mustard oil/water mixture. In the meantime, they burn the victim with cigarettes, beat the victim's head, and use abusive language. They put headphones on the victim that play loud noise. Or, they have a person who continually talks to the victim, threatening him and telling him lies.

According to the incomplete reports from the Clearwisdom website, over 20 practitioners have been tortured like this. One of them was a young practitioner, Ms. Jiang Pai, who was tortured to death. She was tortured in multiple locations, including the Domestic Security Section of Daqing City Police Department, the Daqing City Detention Center, the Daqing City Railway Station Police Station, the Longgang Criminal Section, the Honggang District Babaishang Police Department, the Daqing City Third Detention Center, and the Daqing City Development Zone Police Department.