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Mr. Liu Quan Dies in Dalian City Prison, Liaoning Province

June 08, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Quan, 52, was a Falun Dafa practitioner who lived in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. On the morning of May 4, 2008, the Nan'guanling Prison Administration in Dalian City called his family, and told them that Mr. Liu had died at 2:00 a.m. due to a sudden heart attack. His family viewed his body on May 5, 2008. They found that his face was yellow, the flesh around his eyes and lips was purple, there were large purple bruises on his back, and his nose was filled with cotton balls.

The guards would not allow his family take photos or have an autopsy conducted, and neither did they let them take Mr. Liu's body back to Benxi City. The guards closely watched the family, even while they changed his clothes. After Liu Quan's body was cremated, the family noticed that the ash appeared very dark, suggesting that he may have been poisoned.

Mr. Liu Quan was the head security officer employed by the Benxi City Telecommunications Company. He began cultivating Falun Dafa in 1995, and subsequently became very healthy. The Chinese Communist Party secretly arrested him in May 2003, and secretly put him on trial in July 2003. The Pingshan District Court sentenced him to twelve years in prison, and his appeal was denied.

Mr. Liu was then detained in Dabailou Prison in Benxi City, Huaz Prison in Liaoyang City, and Nan'guanling Prison in Dalian City. During his detention in the Third Ward of Huazi Prison, guards had prisoners monitor him around the clock, and they beat and insulted him at will. On December 20, 2004, Warden Xu Changhai forced Falun Dafa practitioners to perform military marching drills. Mr. Liu reported that he could not walk due to amount of pain in his legs. Upon hearing this, Xu became furious, and beat Mr. Liu in front of forty people. Convicted murderer Xu Jianwei helped him beat Mr. Liu and cursed at him. This beating injured Mr. Liu even more severely, causing him to be bed-ridden for a long time.

On April 7, 2006, a deputy prison director and several office workers arrived to examine the prison operations. Mr. Liu Quan told them how he was brutally beaten. Warden Xu Changhai said that there was no harm done, and that the guards only slapped him a few times. On April 10, 2006, Mr. Liu Quan and nine other detained practitioners were transferred to production wards, to be persecuted more severely with forced labor.

On December 19, 2007, Mr. Liu and several other practitioners were transferred to Nan'guanling Prison in Dalian City. Among them, Mr. Bai Heguo was beaten to death on January 5, 2008. Now Mr. Liu Quan has also been tortured to death. We call on the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong to investigate the facts of Mr. Liu Quan's case, put the murderers on trial, and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.