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My Experiences in Flushing over the Last Three Weekends

June 20, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Toronto

(Clearwisdom.net) Due to my commitments to other projects, I do not normally have many opportunities to clarify the facts to Chinese people face to face. Before I went to Flushing this time, I thought I would join a group of a few older ladies and see how they persuaded people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I did not expect I could actually do this in Flushing. In the past, certain notions hindered me. When I talk to people about the CCP, especially to those much older than I, they say, "You are so young. How much do you know, to talk to me about such things?" So, oftentimes I would find an excuse not to do this.

My participation in the truth-clarification activities in Flushing the last three weekends helped me overcome this notion. It does not matter whether one is young or old; it all depends on one's pure heart and mindset and whether one clarifies the facts with true compassion. These last three weekends were like a test site for how well I have cultivated: there was no one to tell me how to answer the questions. When people pointed their fingers at me and cursed me, would I feel like fighting and arguing with them? When I distributed newspapers on my own in a small lane, would I be afraid of being attacked? How would I handle it when someone told me that he/she was a democracy activist and supported us, and it turned out that person was a CCP agent collecting information about practitioners? I would like to share my understanding and experiences from the last few days. Please point out anything improper.

1. Offering people a way out with righteous thoughts

When I went to Flushing last week I could feel that people seemed to have changed, the ice seemed to have melted. People showed less hatred and were friendly when they accepted a newspaper from me. Those who had already gotten the paper would say politely, "I already got it" or "I have already read it." Some also said, "You have been working so hard." I sensed our mentality and every single thought we had would directly influence those people to whom we handed a newspaper--those who are waiting for us to offer them salvation.

When I saw someone coming, I would smile at the person and send righteous thoughts. When the person came closer I would continue to smile and say, "Hello, Sir/Miss, have you read the Epoch Times?" I did not regard myself as the newspaper distributor and the other person as simply a recipient; instead, I treated them as if they were my old friends and let them feel we were not in opposition. I spoke to them with a pure mind. Dafa disciples' compassion from the heart and their wish to rescue people would definitely overcome the barriers and misunderstandings in people's minds.

The first time I was in Flushing, I came across a man who left in anger because of one sentence another practitioner said to him. I was very sorry that he left with a deeper misunderstanding about us. I felt it was because we did not do well. The second time in Flushing I asked Master to arrange for me to see that man again, to give me another opportunity to do better. Indeed, in the sea of people, with Master's arrangement, I had the precious opportunity to talk with him again.

2. Look inward without delay

We need to consider carefully what people say in Flushing: "Why did the person say that? Do I have any attachments?" That day an old man raised his thumb and said to me, "Child, you Falun Gong have won!" I felt happy. Later on I realized that I was happy because I still had a fighting mentality. When I realized those who had sworn at us earlier no longer dared to come out, I did feel that we had won. After all, we did not go there to try to win over people. One person said to me, "My younger brother works in the National Security Bureau. They are capable of doing all sorts of things. I suggest when you distribute newspapers that you'd better wear sunglasses and a hat." I thanked him for his good intention. However, I realized that I had an attachment to fear, so I immediately corrected my mindset.

3. People who long to learn the facts

One person who had quit the CCP said to me, "I really want to read the news in the Epoch Times. Some time ago some Chinese people attacked me simply because I was holding a copy of this paper. In order to read your paper, I had to buy a copy of the World Daily and put the Epoch Times inside and then went to a park to read it in peace. But the situation is much better now." Another man said, "I don't have much money, but I want to make a small donation to the Quit-the-CCP Service Center to show my support." He then asked me, "When do you think the evil Party will collapse, this year or next year?"

The above are some of my experiences these last few weeks. Please kindly point out anything improper.