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Guided by Dafa, Smoothly Accomplishing the Three Things

May 08, 2008 |   By Xiao Mei, a Practitioner from Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I became a Dafa practitioner in 1997. I have spent much time memorizing Zhuan Falun, since the summer of 2004, and can now recite most of the book. I started the memorization effort initially for fear I might be arrested some day. Since my motivation was wrong, my progress was slow. Occasionally I felt uncomfortable and had to force myself to do it. Gradually, as I memorized more, my Fa comprehension improved. For instance, I began to realize that I am a Dafa disciple who should be in harmony with the Fa. We must study the Fa with our best effort and through continuous study, meet a practitioner's standard in order to validate the Fa and offer sentient beings salvation. Raising my xinxing level allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the Fa principles. Concurrently, Master improved my memory, which made my effort easier.

I read Dafa books with great concentration and the highest respect. My body and soul are soaked in the Fa principles. Every word in Master's teaching is imprinted on my brain. I feel as if I were before Master. I often find myself in tears of joy. When studying the Fa, I pay attention to both quantity and quality. Initially I could recite only three to five pages of the book daily. Now I can recite one chapter a day. Memorization of the book takes a lot of time. But the effort can greatly help a practitioner's work in saving sentient beings.

I have relinquished many attachments while memorizing the book, such as fear, personal interest and emotion. My faith in Master and Dafa have become much stronger. I always returned safely when I went out to clarify the truth and distribute flyers, even though I encountered several risky situations. Righteous thoughts made this possible. Studying the Fa and improving my xinxing are always my highest priorities.

When going out to distribute flyers I paid more attention to quality, not so much to numbers of people contacted. I would study the Fa and send righteous thoughts prior to each outing. Recently, I also began to send righteous thoughts toward the flyers, making sure each flyer will make it possible for people to be saved. In recent years I have sent righteous thoughts about 20 times a day. When clarifying the truth in front of people, I do not dwell on formality. I pay more attention to my righteous thoughts.

Master has provided me with opportunities to meet all kinds of people who had a predestined relationship with Dafa. I have so far persuaded more than 600 people to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

In the past, local police and government officials came to my home to harass me. I told them how my health was greatly improved after I practiced Falun Gong. I also told them that Falun Gong practitioners are good people who never violate the law; that it was Jiang Zemin who violated the law of China and the laws of the heavens. I told them if they tried to stop people from practicing Falun Gong, they would eventually bear serious consequences. Some of them said, "If it is so good, why don't you practice at home?" I said, "I do not tell people to commit murder or arson. I am only telling people to follow the principles of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." It is not against the law."

A few days later I had a vivid dream where Master revealed a scene: Two huge lotus flowers blossomed on top of a house. I saw many honey bees under the roof. I realized that after our levels are raised and righteous thoughts became stronger, we would gradually be separated from the old universe, and eventually the old forces could no longer reach us. I found my own attachments. I thought that the persecution was merely bad people hurting good people. I also felt that people are unfair to us. I had fear and an attachment to my husband. After I found those attachments I strived to relinquish them.

In the past few years my husband often interfered with me. I realized that emotions are based on selfishness and are at the lowest level in this human world. If we do not relinquish this, the old forces encourage the demon of emotion to drag us down and create barriers for our efforts in validating the Fa. We would then be unable to cultivate. After this realization I gradually let go of my attachment to my husband and instead treated him with compassion. Now he no longer complains about my "lack of love" for him.

Whenever people come to visit, I tell them about the beauty of Dafa and encourage them to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. My husband also tells them not to badmouth Falun Gong. He proudly tells people, "My wife has not been sick for more than ten years, and she would never fight or argue with others. Where do you find people like her nowadays?"

In the spring 2007 I had a dream where Master revealed a scene: On a rainy day I was walking on a straight and broad road, noticing several small houses along the side of the road. I went into one, to wait for the rain to stop. But every house I entered had a leaking roof.

I had another dream in which I could not go to school and had to study at home. I realized that we did not have group study in our area; as a result, our cultivation environment had leakages. Indeed the following summer a practitioner was arrested. Police harassed me, several other practitioners and their families. A few days before this incident I had devoted insufficient time to read the Fa. I even became sleepy while sending righteous thoughts. This incident made me discover my attachments such as fear, a desire to validate my capability, and my emotions.

Following sufficient discussions among fellow practitioners, we decided to expose the persecution to the outside world. I had strong fear prior to writing an article to expose the crimes the police had committed. The fear tried hard to stop me, to cause interference and confusion. The process of overcoming the fear was extremely painful. But I knew that our fellow practitioner was persecuted in prison, and that the evil factors tried to damage Dafa. I also felt sad that people (including those who persecute Falun Gong) are being poisoned by lies. I stopped worrying about my safety and potential loss. Instead, I focused my attention on how to rescue the detained practitioner and help others. As I understood from studying the Fa that when one's Buddha nature is awakened, the ten directional worlds are shaken. My great Master immediately planted a righteous thought in my mind, "You are a good child, and you should stand up and defend Dafa." Master's support highly encouraged me, and I wrote the article.

We saw no retaliation from the regime once the evildoers' crimes were exposed, as some people might have expected. With Master's empowerment, our righteous thoughts were very strong, and we worked closely with each other in this effort. Finally we dissolved the evildoers' plan, and the practitioner was released.

Prior to October 1, 2007, I received 42 copies of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Some practitioners said there were secret police agents in the vicinity and we should hold off for a few days. I felt this to be condoning the persecution and went out to distribute the books and handed out all but six copies in a couple of days.

I feel very fortunate to live in the same world with our Master, and to participate in the Fa-rectification. I also feel honored to contribute my limited effort, to assist Master in rectifying the entire universe. I would like to thank our Master for saving me.