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A Brief Discussion on the Role of the Divine Land Marching Band

May 04, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Japan

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners in Japan recently established a Divine Land Marching Band in order to perform in a large scale event that was to take place a month later. With such a short time to prepare, practitioners went out and bought musical instruments and spent many hours practicing together. As a result, those involved in the marching band did not have time to participate in other truth-clarification activities. The Divine Land Marching Band is one of many forms that can save sentient beings. But how should we look at it in relation to other truth-clarification activities in the limited time we have? I'd like to share some of my personal understandings.

I feel that every truth-clarification activity we do is a reflection of Fa-rectification in this dimension, and the Divine Land Marching Band plays a part in that. However, when we focus on only one type of project and ignore other ones, then there is a loophole in our cultivation. Our excessive attachment to a certain project will hinder the overall coordination of our efforts, causing a negative result.

We should remember that everything exists for the purpose of saving sentient beings. We understand that time is limited and it is easier to save sentient beings in the current environment, as compared to before. Yet, many people still do not know the truth. In this situation, should we be attached to any particular form?

In fact, when our starting point is righteous and we coordinate well, then all forms of Fa-validation we use will achieve a good result. We should not force something to happen in order to satisfy our own personal ideals or be in conflict with reality. Clarifying the truth is to save sentient beings. Therefore, to really save someone, it is necessary to fundamentally lead them to understand the truth; this is the universal key. We should not jump to a new project and leave other projects unfinished. We should be committed and complete all of our tasks well to better save sentient beings.

These are my personal understandings. Please kindly point out any mistakes.