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Hurry Up to Clarify the Truth in the Aftermath of the Earthquake

May 24, 2008 |   By an overseas practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) The situation in China at the moment is as follows. Many people are shocked and angry after the Sichuan earthquake. People have found the evilness of the CCP and its disregard for human lives. People have started to question the China Seismological Bureau and have also turned their eyes to Beijing. They are questioning among themselves, asking "Why didn't they broadcast the forecast of the earthquake? Before, it was the backwardness of technology that Tangshan earthquake was unable to be forecast. But in recent years, science and technology have advanced so much, and quite a few forecasts of earthquakes have been made accurately. For example, in 1975 we correctly forecast an earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude in Haicheng, in Liaoning province. Why was there no forecast this time? Only after the earthquake did the Government give it their attention. What were they doing?

People started to learn that there are reasons that they didn't broadcast the forecast. Why didn't they let people know the forecast? Do we have to pay such a huge price for the sake of the Beijing Olympics? The Beijing Olympic Torch would go through Sichuan. Were they not going to broadcast the forecast of the quake until the torch passed through Sichuan and reached Beijing? What was the CCP afraid of? Don't they care about the people at all?

Why did they say that the huge numbers of frogs that people saw on the move was not an omen of a natural disaster? Why did they say instead, that it was a natural migration for the sake of propagation? If this was the case, why did the frogs wait to move until now, long after environmental damage harming their natural habitat? Local farmers know that such huge frog migrations is an omen of an earthquake or other natural disaster. So, why didn't so many experts in the Seismological Bureau know this? Are they less knowledgeable than the peasants?

Under such circumstances, the people started to question the CCP. We practitioners still have many difficulties in clarifying the truth. People have been poisoned by the Party culture too severely. After I clarified the truth to them, I was still unable to dispel their doubts- even though they would have think about it. Maybe I was too eager. But we don't have much time left. We should really hurry up. We are saving people.

I also see my shortcomings during this period. At least in the issue of the earthquake, I blame myself. If I had used more time to send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth, so many people wouldn't have died in the earthquake. Have our overseas Dafa practitioners, especially myself, tried our best to save sentient beings?

Looking inward, I found many problems with myself. It is not because people didn't accept our ideas. Rather, it was that we haven't clarified the truth deeply and completely. I find that the time is most precious. I haven't done well, and I blame myself for not being diligent.

After the quake, I clarified the truth to four people. They accepted it. But, at the moment, only one person has withdrawn from the CCP. The rest are still considering it. I said to myself that I must try my best to clarify the truth to more people and ask more people to quit the CCP. I shall live up to the expectation of their knowing side. I shouldn't disregard them when their human side is not good to us. Every one of us Dafa practitioners should know where sentient beings come from and what their expectations are.