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Ms. Jin Peixia Persecuted in Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau and Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp

April 03, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jin Peixia is 64 years old this year. The Zhenjiang City Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province and the 610 Office have persecuted her just because she is determined to continue to cultivate Falun Gong.

Ms. Jin's husband had been paralyzed and confined to bed for a long time and needed 24-hour care. In December 2005, the police suddenly broke into and searched their home. The Chinese Communist Party is absolutely inhuman. Its officials did not care at all about her paralyzed, bedridden husband when they took her to the forced labor camp for two years. Ms. Jin Peixia's husband died as a direct result of this.

Ms. Jin Peixia was held in Team Three of Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province, which specializes in handling Falun Gong practitioners. The prison guards instigated and controlled the drug addict and prostitute inmates to torture and harass the practitioners determined in their belief. Besides keeping the practitioners confined in the small cells and kept under tight surveillance, the guards also used other means to torture them, for example the so-called "husband and wife bed" (using an electric baton to shock the female practitioners' genitals). They refused to let the practitioners use the toilet, deprived them of sleep, and used unknown drugs to destroy their central nervous systems. Practitioners were not even allowed to talk to each other, nor were they allowed to make eye contact.

At Judong Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Jin was put under "tight surveillance" five times.

Since she refused to write the "four statements" (similar to the three statements), she was put under tight surveillance right after she arrived. She was put into a small cell and severely beaten. Her face, hands, and feet all swelled up. Every day she was forced to stand. Since she was only allowed to sleep for less than two hours every night, she was very sleepy. The moment she nodded off, prisoners sprayed cold water on her face. In the cold winter when her clothes were soaking wet, she was not even allowed to change. They also used eyeglasses and the tips of pens to scratch her face. As a result, her face was cut open, and her blood dripped on the floor. They also grabbed her hair and smashed her head into the wall. Whole bunches of her hair came out. They also set up a small wooden stool and ordered her to stand on it, or they would force her to squat motionless on a square brick, looking straight ahead with her hands on her knees. Since the other prisoners are encouraged and backed by the guards, in order to curry favor with them, the prisoners treated those practitioners very brutally. The first time in tight surveillance, Ms. Jin was severely tortured for almost two months. Since she refused to write a slogan that defamed Falun Gong, she was kept under tight surveillance for a second time. She was made to stand for three whole days in the guard office.

She was put under surveillance for a third time because when she was writing her "homework," she said that what she saw with her celestial eye was not an illusion. She said: "My master says that what the celestial eye sees truly exists." (Not Master's original words) As a result, she was again tortured. During the day in the office and also at night when the temperature was minus four to five degrees, she was forced to write her "thought reports" and "self-criticisms" in the corridor right in front of the toilet until midnight. Altogether, she was forced to do this for 12 days.

She was put under tight surveillance for a fourth time just because she refused to listen to the lies during the "classes." She recited Master's new articles and wrote them in a book.

One day the guards did a "security check." She was found out again and tortured. This time, six others were punished with her. That was during the hottest part of the summer. In the daytime the temperature reached 36 to 37 degrees. In this heat, the guards forced them to do "training" on the cement floor for extra long hours. Altogether, she had to endure this for 19 days.

Ms. Jin was put under tight surveillance for the fifth time ten days before the end of her prison term. The prison guards told her to write the guarantee statement and the "resolution statement." She determinedly said she wouldn't. She said she was going to write a statement to clarify that whatever she wrote before was now null and void. After hearing this, the team leader threatened her that they were going to add three to seven months to her forced labor term. They asked her whether she ever thought of the consequences. She said, "I never think of the consequences." As a result, the cell guards confined her in a cell and did not allow her to use the toilet. Just one day before she was to be released, there were still those who said to her, "You are not allowed to go home if you don't write it." She said, "If I am not allowed to go home, then I will not go home." However, they still released her when the day arrived.

Several practitioners are still being held Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp, including Wang Jiangping, Wang Huilan, Li Li, Zhao Rongcai, Hu Zhenru, Liu Qinfang, and other recent arrivals.