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Practitioners Persecuted in Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

April 17, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 22, 2000, practitioners from Jinchuan Township, Mr. Liu Yanchang, Mr. Cheng Xueshan, Mr. Cheng Guilin (Mr. Cheng Xueshan's son) and Mr. Li Fengming (in his 60's) were arrested while doing the Falun Dafa exercises. Township CCP Secretary Shi Qingshan (male) ordered Township Police Station Director Zhang Guangrong (male) to detain these practitioners in the Tongjiang City Detention Center. Mr. Li Fengming was tortured until he passed blood in his stool and was as thin as a skeleton. He was released after authorities fined him 3,000 yuan. Mr. Cheng Xueshan and his son were fined 3,000 "yuan" as well. Mr. Liu Yanchang was detained for 107 days and fined 5,000 yuan. He lost his job, and his salary payments are being withheld.

On October 31, 2001, the police forced Mr. Liu Yanchang and Mr. Cheng Xueshan to accompany criminals as a way of defaming Falun Dafa. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" in the Sports Stadium, and they were both sentenced to two years of forced labor. Mr. Cheng Guilin was sentenced to one year of forced labor.

On August 11, 2007, police officers from the Tongjiang City Department stormed into Mr. Cheng Guilin's home, arrested him, and sentenced him to six years in prison.