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The Persecution of Practitioners by the National Security Division of Hongta Police Department in the Yuxi Area of Yunnan Province

April 16, 2008 |   By practitioners in Yunnan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) During the past eight years, the National Security Division of Hongta Police Department in the Yuxi Area of Yunnan Province has been arresting, interrogating, and imprisoning Falun Gong practitioners. They once claimed that whoever practices Falun Gong in the Yuxi area would be arrested. They also claimed that even if those who secretly did the spying and tracking found no evidence, they could still find an excuse to arrest you and then search your home to find evidence. It doesn't matter if the sentence is wrong or too heavy because no one would dare to defend Falun Gong. Those without any income can be sentenced to forced labor. Those with jobs and income are also sentenced to forced labor and they lose their jobs when they return.

On November 16, 2006, the practitioners in Hongta District went to distribute truth clarification materials. Seven practitioners were intercepted by armed villagers. Later the National Security Division police came and handcuffed the practitioners. During interrogation, they beat and swore at them and would not let them eat or sleep. The next day around six o'clock in the morning, after practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, three women practitioners who were held outside opened their handcuffs. They walked away with righteous thoughts, but are currently living away from home. The police sent people to wait at these practitioners' homes and villages and along the road to try to recapture them.

One day one of the women practitioners secretly returned home after being homeless for six months. The National Security Division police chased her to the roof and arrested her. Two months later, her husband was released. She was "illegally sentenced" to forced labor.

On April 8, 2006, Hongta area practitioners Gu Liqing, Hua Lanxian, and Deng Cuiping went to Beicheng Town, Lianchi Township, and other areas to clarify the truth and hand out material. They were reported and illegally arrested by National Security Division officers. Their home was searched and personal property was confiscated. After being interrogated, they were imprisoned at the detention center for more than four months and then sentenced to three years in jail. In the court, when three practitioners firmly refused to put on the prison uniform, one policeman from the Hongta area (about 20 years old) attacked Ms. Hua Lanxian (about 60 years old) and knocked her to the ground. Then he pulled her up and hit her in the back. Gu Lihua tried to stop this but was also beaten.

On the 2006 New Year's Eve, two practitioners, Lu Jiying and Fan Yuling, came from Kunming to Yuxi to distribute truth-clarification materials. They were arrested by the Hongta area National Security Division police. That same day the police tied them up under the basketball goal for more than six hours. They were then "illegally detained" in Hongta District Detention Center and Emei Mountain Detention Center respectively. Several months later, Lu Jiying was sentenced to four years in jail and Fan Yuling was sentenced to three years.

In December 2004, Ms. Shen Yueping (a doctor of women's and children's health at the hospital in Yuxi City) and her husband Mr. Pu Zhiming (who worked in the Yuxi government) bumped into Mr. Hu Xianding (a driver for the Yuxi Electricity Power Company) and Ms. Niu Yuqiong (who worked with the Yuxi City geological team). The four people from the Hongta area have known each other since 1999. When they got together and talked, He Xiaopei and other National Security police in the Hongta area who had been monitored them secretly arrested them.

The police then went to ransack Pu Zhiming and Shen Yueping's home. Shen Yueping called Niu Yuqiong to tell her that the police had been ransacking her home. The police dragged her down from the fourth floor to the first floor by her hair. They pulled out a fistful of her hair in the process. Her son, 17 years old and in high school, wrote down the badge numbers of the police who participated in confiscating his family's possessions and sent them to the Minghui website. The police arrested the son, who was studying at the Yuxi First High School. Seven to eight policemen took turns interrogating him for several hours. He was forced to follow their instructions to say that it was another practitioner, Chen Guanghua (a Yuxi City Finance Bureau employee), who helped him go on-line. Pu Zhiming and Shen Yueping, a married couple, were sentenced to three years of force labor for appealing on behalf of Falun Gong in 2000.

In January 2005, practitioner Chen Guanghua was arrested by Zhu Jiayong, Ren Haiyan, and others from the National Security Division. They broke into his home. His wife asked them why they were arresting him for no reason. As a result, three police officers tied her up.

On the same day that the four practitioners were arrested, after confiscating property from Pu Zhiming and Shen Yueping's home, from 11:00 p.m. to the next day at 4:00 a.m., Yuxi National Security police and Yuxi political and judiciary committee officers found and compelled Ms. Niu Yuqiong's manager to take them to search her home. The police violently kicked in the door and knocked down her husband in the process. He asked the police why they were there, and was met with punches and kicks. He lost consciousness twice, and his son was also brutally beaten. The family members still have scars from that beating.

Later, police searched Mr. Hu Xianding's home and found some Dafa books. Because Mr. Hu had purchased a bed sheet for an exhibition, the police said that they were attempting to use the sheet as a banner to publicize Falun Gong. They collected the bed sheet as evidence to sentence him.

Chinese Communist Party authorities sentenced the following five practitioners:

Shen Yueping for five years, Pu Zhiming for four years, Niu Yuqiong for two years, Mr. Hu Xianding for one year, and Chen Guanghua for three years.

Presently, Shen Yueping and Pu Zhiming are still being held in jail. Hu Xianding, who was illegally sentenced for one year, lost his job after he returned home. He has no income and is 59 years old. The electrical power company also forced his wife and son to monitor him. They threatened to stop his wife's and son's salaries. This has made his relationship with his family very difficult. Chen Guanghua, who was detained in jail for three years, was released and returned to the Yuxi area. He has no place to stay and no income. His wife is living away from home to avoid the persecution. They had borrowed money to buy the house. Because payments weren't made, the bank repossessed the house.

National Security Division: 86-877-2027924
Zhu Jiayong: Male, 40 years old, former Yuxi city Hongta area security team deputy chief, presently Hongta area National Security Division police. He actively participated in activities with Luo Jixiang and He Xiaopei. He treated Falun Gong practitioners very badly. 86-13577720022 (Cell)
Ren Haiyan: Female, Hongta area National Security Division police officer who participated in the persecution. 86-13577720023 (Cell)
Zhang Suyong, Hongta Police Department deputy head. 86-13577720000 (Cell), 86-877-2022571 (Office)
Hongta Detention Center head, Li Linhua: 86-13368776555 (Cell)