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Firmly Believe in Teacher and Dafa While Sending Righteous Thoughts

April 13, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) In early 2004, my wife (a Falun Gong practitioner) was illegally detained when police arrested some practitioners she knew in my city. When one of the practitioners revealed to the police that a computer and printer had been hidden, a policeman from the State Security Department of the city's Public Security Bureau came to my company to talk to me. Before the police came to my home to search for the computer and Dafa materials, we had already transferred them to a safe place, so they found nothing in my home.

I said to the policeman, "I have already destroyed the computer and printer. They are gone now. You work yourself to death to persecute good people, have you thought about your fate? After the Great Cultural Revolution ended, many police officers from the Beijing City Police Station were executed by the CCP. You know all that. In the future when the persecution ends, the situation will be changed. You won't need a trial because you have signed your name on the documents of the persecution. The evidence will speak for itself."

The policeman was shocked for a while and then he asked me to sign my name on a paper. I refused. He gave me his telephone number and left.

I sent forth righteous thoughts more often throughout every day and also asked Teacher to strengthen me. Other local practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts to rescue the practitioners who had been imprisoned. During the day, besides taking care of my child, I found more time to send forth righteous thoughts in the hills near the detention center. The detention center was far from the city. Sometimes, I sent forth righteous thoughts towards the detention center, while other times, I directly entered the detention center to send forth righteous thoughts. In the evening, I would ride my bicycle to just outside the detention center's wall to send forth righteous thoughts. I asked Teacher to strengthen me to rescue the imprisoned practitioners so that they could leave there and do the three things that they should do. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to stop the police from persecuting the practitioners.

After fifteen days, I made a phone call to the policeman who was handling my wife's case and requested that he release my wife. He immediately said, "I will release her soon." He asked me to go to the police station to get her paperwork done. He said, "The director of the police station went to the provincial capital to take care of something today and so far, he hasn't come back. As soon as the director comes back, I will get your wife's paperwork and go to the detention center to bring her back. You need to go with us." I told him, "I won't go with you."

A day later, my wife was released from the detention center. It was eighteen days from the day she had been arrested to the day of her release.

Through this process of rescuing fellow practitioners, I truly understood Teacher's words:

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide." ("The Master-Disciple Bond," Hong Yin II).

Every time I sent forth righteous thoughts, I asked Teacher to strengthen me. I firmly believe in Teacher and Dafa. Due to the help of my fellow practitioners as a whole, along with the imprisoned practitioners' righteous thoughts, the environment was rapidly corrected and changed. My wife also felt the righteous energy. The evil in other dimensions was unable to bear any more so the authorities released her very quickly. Afterwards, the policeman told my wife that the director asked him whether she was his relative because he released her in such a hurry.

I still have some regrets about this whole incident; because of my lack of understanding and my human attachments, I had handed over a deposit of two thousand yuan for "awaiting trial while on parole" to the police.