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Facts about the Persecution of Mr. Xin Shuren by the CCP in Tieling City, Liaoning Province

April 12, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xin Shuren, a resident of Tieling City, Liaoning Province, started practicing Falun Dafa in June 1998.

In October 1999, Mr. Xin went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested at the Visitors Office on Fuyou Street. He was subsequently sent back to Tieling by the police and held at Tieling Detention Center. Sun Lizhong and others from the District Public Security Bureau extorted 3,000 yuan from Xin's family and released him.

In February 2001, he tried to go to Beijing to appeal again, but he was illegally arrested by Yingzhou Public Security Sub-division and taken to Tieling Detention Center. For the next three years, he was held in Tieling Forced Labor Camp, Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp, and Changtu Guan Shanzi Forced Labor Camp.

While he was in Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Xin and two other practitioners, Zhou Shun and Xu Zengchen, refused to watch the videos that vilified Dafa, so the guards locked them in a special room. There, they were inhumanly tortured by Guard Yang and the criminal inmates under his instruction. They were handcuffed to iron rings on the wall and only allowed to use the restroom twice a day. For meals, they only received a small piece of cornbread and a small amount of water. From time to time, they were beaten or cursed. More than ten other practitioners were also beaten and tortured there. After being locked up and mistreated for several days in that room, they were transferred to Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp in Changtu.

Guanshanzi Forced Labor Camp was even more horrible. Because Xin Shuren refused to cooperate and "reform," he was pushed into an empty room and nearly beaten to death by several criminal inmates who were instructed by Song Tie, the chief of the management office, and Gao Qilong, the team leader. The guards also stomped on his thigh until it swelled and turned black. After that, Mr. Xin had difficulty walking for a long time. They also forced him down and spat into his mouth.

The guards put two criminal inmates in each room to watch the practitioners. During the cold winter days, they poured cold water on the practitioners and used a paper fan to make them feel colder.

Once when Mr. Xin did not succumb to the brainwashing, he was locked in a small room, where the officer on duty (name unknown) stripped him naked and handcuffed him to metal rings fixed to the wall. That was in cold winter weather. Then the guard opened the door and let the cold wind blow in on him for as long as seven hours. When he was released from the small room, Mr. Xin was not able to move his hands or feet. Another time he went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. Song Tie instructed a criminal to push Xin to the ground. Then they used a spoon to force open Mr. Xin's mouth and force fed him beer. The prison doctor, Zhang Fan, intentionally pulled the rubber tube up and down during the forced feeding to torture Mr. Xin. When he refused to cooperating with the tube feeding, he was slapped in the face.

In January 2004, Xin Shuren was released. He went home and continued to study the Fa and "clarify truth" to people. The police sent people keep him under surveillance. He only stayed at home for 19 days. Police officer Zhang Jingbiao brought two community members to harass him at home. They found Dafa books and asked where he got them. Mr. Xin refused to answer. Officer Zhang Jingbiao then called the District Public Security Bureau. Police officers Sun Lizhong and Yang Dongsheng arrived with other agents (names unknown) at Xin Shuren's home. They took him away to the District Public Security Bureau.

Mr. Xin refused to cooperate with the police. He was taken to Tieling City Detention Center and held for a month. He protested the persecution with a hunger strike. Prison doctor Qian Dapeng slapped him in the face and instructed four prisoners to forcibly feed him. Mr. Xin once again was taken to Tieling Forced Labor Camp and "illegally detained" for three years.

At Tieling Labor Camp, because he refused to wear prison clothes, he was severely beaten by Guard Wang Guijun. Wang then used an electric baton to shock Mr. Xin and instructed prisoners Zhou Jianhua and others to severely beat practitioners Xin Shuren, Li Jinsheng, and Liu Qingyu. In April 2005, the National Security team leader, Miao Zhaobao, forced four practitioners to do hard labor. Xin Shuren and others went on a hunger strike to resolutely resist the persecution. The guards beat practitioners Jin Liguo, Han Zhi, and Li Shimian. In the evening after work, they called Mr. Xin and three other practitioners to the office and beat them there. Blood flowed from their faces and noses. The next morning, Li Shimian and the other two practitioners were beaten again until their faces and noses were bleeding and their legs were injured.

While he was in team No.1, Mr. Xin Shuren and other practitioners refused to wear prison uniforms and carried out a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Miao Zhanpu led dozens of prisoners to beat Mr. Xin and the other three. Miao provoked these no-goods, saying, "If they do not eat, you guys will not eat" in order to make the prisoners hate Falun Gong practitioners and torture them more brutally. At that time, Du Dalin was the most severely beaten. He was almost blinded and almost made deaf. Liu Wenban's face and back were injured. The guards and the prisoners handcuffed them behind their backs and used electronic batons to hit their bodies, mouths, and teeth. Their wrists were handcuffed and bleeding. Wang Dongliang was dragged to the front door and stripped naked. They used an electric baton and their fists to brutally beat him. His ribs were broken.

Mr. Xin Shuren was illegally detained for six years because he practiced Falun Gong. He has been physically and psychologically harmed. His family was greatly hurt as well.