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Thoughts after Reading Master's New Article "Sifting of the Sand"

March 08, 2008 |   Dafa practitioner in Australia

(Clearwisdom.net) I began to practice Falun Gong in October 1998. I left China for Australia at the end of 2007. Before I left China, I often read articles on some websites about Dafa. Once I encountered a website that talked about Falun Gong, but found its content problematic: first the articles were filled with emotions, such as love between men and women and some low level understanding; second, the articles even attacked Minghui/Clearwisdom; third, the articles talked too much about supernatural capabilities, and they even used the name of Master's daughter to support their points. Some articles looked more like low quality Kung Fu novels.

All real practitioners know clearly that when Master published the poem "The Knowing Heart," he told all Dafa disciples that Minghui website is a trusted website. Over the years, Minghui has been the most important and fastest channel for disciples to access Master's lectures and articles. It also gives disciples a platform to share understandings and information. Minghui articles serve as important references to guide us to accomplish the three things. By attacking Minghui, this website had revealed its evil nature.

Master has clearly explained the relationship between gong potency and the supernormal capability. A real cultivator should be judged by his understanding of Dafa principles and his enlightenment quality, not his supernatural capability. Therefore, this website's viewpoints differ from that of Dafa by a huge distance.

Seeing the problems with this website, I stopped reading it immediately. I also told myself with a firm thought: I shall not let anything I read there stay in my mind.

Today I read Master's new article "Sifting of the Sand" on Minghui. I once again felt Master's grand compassion. I learned a lesson when I was in China. During a period of three months, due to police harassment, I lost contact with fellow practitioners in our study group. Due to fear and other human attachments, I did not actively seek out Minghui articles. Everyone I dealt with were non-practitioners, and I was actually not cultivating for a while. Slowly, I was slipping away from Dafa. Later a practitioner who survived a brainwashing session untarnished asked me: "How could you not read Minghui? At least you should have read the Minghui Weekly."

I still vividly remember this fellow practitioner's words.

After I arrived in Australia, a free and tolerant environment, I discovered that everyone still faces different tests. I observed that the practitioners who pay more attention to studying the Fa, and who read Minghui frequently, are markedly more diligent in their effort to accomplish the three things. These diligent practitioners are more active in projects such as the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, and promotion of quitting the CCP, and they are more likely to look inward to improve their cultivation.

Some practitioners have less access to Minghui and read little about other practitioners' sharing. As a result, they have shown more human attachments.

Once during a group study in Australia, some practitioners broke into tears when talking about people who stubbornly hold negative thoughts about Dafa, despite our repeated effort to clarify the facts to them. Today I learned that some practitioners are influenced by the evil website I had encountered myself. My heart hurt. I wholeheartedly hope that they can recover the loss and return to the right path of Dafa. Fellow practitioners, we all should cherish the predestined relationship formed thousands of years ago. At this last moment of the Fa rectification period, please stop committing more wrongdoings that you and sentient beings will regret in the future.

I sincerely hope all fellow practitioners can study the Fa well, take the Fa as their guide. Dafa can break through all attachments. Dafa is the lighthouse that guides our cultivation voyage into the future.

I hope all of us pay attention to Minghui and understand the significance of this website. We should see fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions, because they are future Buddhas, Daos and Gods. Doing so enables us to find our own shortcomings, and improve our cultivation together. Minghui also allows us to learn the big picture of Dafa in the world, and helps practitioners to form a harmonious and indivisible cultivation group in which every practitioner can maximize his contribution.

Above is my own limited understanding. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.