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Crimes Committed In the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

March 20, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) From February to November 2006, Ma Jishan, Liu Yong, Li Jun, Zhang Jun, Li Mingdong, Fan Yakui, Chen Lishan, Yu Wen, Han Kai, Wang Qi, Zhan Min, Yan Shiguang, along with other personnel from the guard and security sections of Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, used various brutal methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners.

When practitioners Ms. Zhou Hua, Ms. Jiang Guiyun, Ms. Sheng Lianying, Ms. Meng Fanqiu, Ms. Wang Manli, and others refused to wear the camp uniforms, they were beaten, cursed at, kicked, and hung up by handcuffs during the day. Their hands were handcuffed to the headboards at night, which meant that they couldn't turn over or move freely. After only a month in Masanjia they became very weak from being tortured. From April through May, practitioner Ms. Yuan Shuzhe was hung up for the entire two months, which caused compression of her lower spine. This can lead to paralysis.

Guard Ma Jishan and others cuffed Ms. Yang Liwei's hands to two beds and then pulled the beds in opposite directions, which caused Ms. Yang to pass out from the pain. After reviving her, they repeated the torture. Ms. Yang's ligaments and muscles were stretched so much that she passed out twice more. Ma Jishan not only tortured Ms. Yang but also cursed her at the same time. Falun Dafa practitioners were not allowed to take their clothes off before going to bed. When practitioner Ms. Long Shufen told the guards that she would not go to sleep if she wasn't allowed to remove her clothes, she was hung up for 13 days, which affected the circulation in her hands so much that one of her index fingers became infected and oozed pus. Practitioners Ms. Wang Huinan and Ms. Yan Chunqiao were hung up for over a month. When practitioner Ms. Sun Shufen wrote "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" on her clothes, she was hung up by Ma Jishan and Li Mingdong. The blood circulation to her arms was severely impaired, causing her arms to swell.

The most vicious torture used by the guards was handcuffing a practitioner's hands behind their back, and then pushing the practitioner's head under a bed. The practitioner couldn't straighten up and would soon feel dizzy. The pain would be unbearable. In order to protest such brutal treatment, practitioners Ms. Zhou Xiuju, Ms. Xie Dewen, Ms. Long Shufen, Ms. Yuan (last name) and others held a hunger strike. The guards used pliers to pry open the practitioner's mouths, which injured their gums and teeth, and caused a lot of bleeding. The guards then poured a mixture of corn flour and water into the practitioners' mouths. During the force-feeding, one of Ms. Zhou Xiuju's teeth was knocked out by Ma Jishan and some practitioner's jaws were dislocated, causing great difficulty for the practitioners to eat or talk.

Beating and scolding the practitioners was Liu Yong's regular routine. He often sat in a women's cell with a cigarette in his mouth and used different methods to torture the practitioners. On March 24, 2008, more than ten practitioners refused to count off their numbers when ordered to do so. Punishment for this was being forced to stand in one place for 24 hours by guard Liu Yong. Practitioners weren't allowed to sleep, eat, or use the bathroom. If a practitioner didn't sign her name in the evening, she wouldn't be allowed to use the bathroom. The practitioners were often forced to stand day and night. Most of them were made to stand for over two months, while others stood for 100 days. Most practitioners were mistreated until they had symptoms of medical distress, such as high blood pressure, while some lost consciousness and fell down. Because most practitioner's lower backs and feet were so swollen, they were unable to wear their clothes or shoes. Whenever the guards felt that they wanted to torture the practitioners, or add more time to a practitioner's sentence, they would do it.

On one occasion Ms. Teng Shiyun happened to look at Liu Yong for longer than a second. Liu Yong lunged at Ms. Teng and punched her left eye. Ms. Teng's eye immediately turned red, swelled, and her vision became blurred. Liu Yong's wife Li Mingyu was a former head of No. 1 team. She denied that Ms. Teng's eye injury was due to her husband punching Ms. Teng. She said that it was caused by Ms Teng's high blood pressure. She didn't allow Ms. Teng to have any rest. Liu Yong kicked Ms. Xin Shuhua's nose for no reason and the kicks made Ms. Xin's nose bleed a lot. Liu Yong slapped Ms. Chen Guilan's face ten or more times and he also trampled Ms. Sun Shuxiang's leg, which damaged some of the blood vessels in her leg. Suddenly and without provocation Liu Yong also kicked Ms. Sun Shuxiang, Ms. Chen Guilan, Ms. Xin Shuhua, and Ms. Qiu Li on the torso and head.

Li Mingyu led Li Wei to confiscate the practitioner's seat cushions on several occasions using the excuse that she was acting on orders from a higher authority. In fact, it was her own idea. With no cushions, the practitioners had to sit on the cold ceramic tile floor.

On April 7, 2005, Li Mingyu straddled Ms. Li Baojie's stomach to force-feed her. The camp doctor, Cao Yujie, used a big fork to pry open Ms. Li's mouth. Ms. Li couldn't breathe and was suffocating. A guard called an ambulance to take Ms. Li to Shenyang City No. 1 Hospital for emergency treatment. The following day (April 8), knowing that Ms. Li was dying, the camp reluctantly released her to go home. While Ms. Li was being returned to her home, she died after being driven for about 10 kilometers. After Ms. Li died, the guards didn't allow the practitioners to tell the truth about her death. On the evening of June 5, Liu Yong went to a cell and yelled at Ms. Zhou Xiuju, "Ma Jishan knocked out one of your teeth, and after Li Baojie died, her family hired a lawyer to investigate the cause of her death. The things I said made the lawyer run away in fear. I told him, 'Why don't you look at where you are! Do you want to continue working as an attorney? Do you no longer want to live?' Her attorney was scared and said to Li Baojie's family, 'There is nothing I can do. Go cremate her body.' This time we let you live and didn't beat you all to death. You all survived [as far as we are concerned]."

When Ms. Sun Shuxiang refused to wear the camp clothing, guard Li Mingdong beat Ms. Sun until she lost consciousness. Then, Li Mingdong removed Ms. Sun's clothes and put the camp clothing on her. Ms. Sun's right eardrum was broken because of this beating and she lost the hearing in that ear for a long time. Li Mingdong locked Ms. Qiu Li in a solitary cell, and beat Ms. Yuan Shuzhe until she could no longer stand up. In order to get more funds from the higher authorities in June, Li Mingdong ordered the practitioners to set more tables in the dining hall, but the practitioners didn't do what he asked. Li Mingdong then punched Ms. Shi Guirong. Ms. Shi's nose bled a lot and she required intravenous medication for a week. After Li Mingdong's wife Zhang Chunguang was promoted from a clerk to head of No. 1 team, she started persecuting the practitioners even more.

Guard Zhang Jun beat Ms. Shi Guirong and other practitioners many times. Ms. Qiu Li was treated very badly, which made it difficult for her to walk or sit on a small stool. Zhang Jun dragged Ms. Qiu to the duty office and fiercely punched Ms. Qiu's chest. Ms. Qiu fell and her chest ended up covered with bruises. Ms. Yan Chunjiao was made to stand facing the wall. Zhang Jun stood behind Ms. Yan and kicked her ankles when Ms. Yan's toes didn't touch the wall. The kicks fractured Ms. Yan's ankle bone. Her foot became very swollen and she had difficulty walking for a long time.

Mistreatment caused Ms. Wang Manli to become very weak and eventually she was unable to do any physical work. Chen Lishan pushed Ms. Wang and slapped her face over twenty times. Ms. Wang was medicated intravenously for a week and yet she had to pay for her medical treatment.

Zhan Min slapped Ms. Yang Liwei's face over twenty times, which resulted in severe bruising. Yu Wen, Han Kai, Wang Qi, Fan Yakui, and Yan Shiguang to varying degrees, were also involved in persecuting the practitioners.

Deputy head of No. 2 team, Wang Shuzheng: 86-24-89295018
Heads of No. 3 team Zhang Zhuohui and Liu (last name): 86-24-89295020