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Validating the Fa from the Aspect of Finances

March 15, 2008 |   By a practitioner in rural China

(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners find themselves in a very difficult financial situation. I would like to share some of my personal experiences regarding this.

Financially, some practitioners have been in a challenging situation. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners following this agenda: "Destroy their reputations, cut them off financially, and eradicate them physically."

When clarifying the truth and describing the benefits of our practice, practitioners usually emphasize improving health. However, in my opinion, Dafa also benefits one with material wealth and social status. These are part of Dafa's benefits in the human world. In today's world, people are extremely attached to acquiring wealth and social status. The benefits Dafa is creating and bringing to the human should also include fame, material interest and family ties. Many financially well off practitioners are successful public figures, or highly respected among their peers.

Wealth is a formidable material power that has a big impact on people. Evil factors manipulate this material as yet another means to persecute practitioners, cutting them off from their income. Some practitioners have been demoted or lost their jobs. Some have been wrongfully subjected to fines, or had their personal property taken away, etc. This has resulted in many practitioners having to live in financially reduced or impoverished circumstances. Evil factors have damaged or blocked the financial benefits that practitioners should have obtained, and therefore to a great degree is blocking people's ability to understand Dafa, (or is causing a misunderstanding in people's minds.)

I realize that Dafa practitioners are not asked to live the ascetic life of a monk. By practicing Dafa, practitioners who have material wealth are able get rid of any attachments that they may have to it. But they would also receive even more benefits- abundant material wealth, as a demonstration to others. This demonstration would certainly not be to pursue a materialistic life style, nor to cater to attachment to material interests; it would be a means of materially validating the benefits of practicing Dafa in the human world. Such benefits might manifest as being rich, acquiring one's own house, a car, social status, respect from others and so on.

In my personal opinion, any financial stress that practitioners are under, besides that from persecution, has been caused by our own various notions or attachments. For several years practitioners have neglected to validate the Fa from a financial aspect. Among the practitioners I have been in contact with, very few think of validating Dafa from the financial aspect. Everyone's understanding regarding money and wealth have all followed the old universe's notions about personal cultivation. On one hand, we do need money, but on the other hand the notion of "getting money to just survive" is being taken advantage of by old force elements to further persecute us, and to have us all generally fall into financial difficulty.

Next I am going to share some experience about my breaking through the financial persecution in the last two years.

In 2004, I was released from jail. My family was in financial difficulty. My niece needed 700 Yuan for school tuition; her Mom couldn't make it and cried, thinking that my niece had to stop going to school. When they would clarifying the truth to others, the people who knew of their situation wouldn't listen and often said, "Look at what happened to your family! And you are still talking to us about Falun Gong!"

Hearing these words, the following thoughts emerged in my mind, "Practicing Dafa is the most righteous thing to do. Anyone having a righteous thought about Dafa will have good fortune." How could a genuine Dafa practitioner be in a stressful financial situation? How could a practitioner not have good fortune? If I am really trapped in this seemingly hopeless financial difficulty, then I must have stumbled somewhere, or be going along with old force arrangements.

Therefore even in the most difficult financial moments, I shouldn't have the feeling of lacking money; instead, I should always feel I have plenty of money. Shortly after I came to this realization, I got a job offering 10,000 Yuan per month. Very soon, our financial situation turned around. We bought a house, and began planning my younger brother's wedding. My niece has learned the facts of Dafa and has been admitted to a university. My younger niece is also doing very well in her school and has begun studying the Fa. My father is about 80 years old. His health is very good after practicing Dafa, and has not suffered any illness for more than two years. As everyone knows, buying a house, supporting kids in school, and seeing a medical doctor at hospital are a very large financial burden on a farmer's income. It usually would require many years of saving money to afford all this, but it took me less than two years to overcome these difficulties.

Seeing these changes, the people of our village all began talking about it and felt it hard to believe. Using this opportunity, I told my relatives and the whole neighborhood that those practicing Dafa would have good fortune, not just good health, but also good fortune financially. Very many people in our village therefore changed their view towards Falun Dafa and are asking to learn about Dafa. More than ten people have recently begun practicing. More and more are expressing an interest in reading Zhuan Falun.

Last October, I requested a raise. My company raised my salary 18,000 per month. I used this money to resolve many financial issues at our local Dafa material production stations. Even though the situation has improved, I still feel that we don't have sufficient money. I don't have any extra money at hand. We really need money. After learning my salary, a practitioner said, "So much money!" I said," That's not really much, just these 'Dafa disciple' words should worth 80,000 -100,000!"

Here I certainly don't mean to show off. My point is to say that different thoughts bring about different results. The idea of having "just enough" money can imperceptibly block us. It would block the funds rightfully flowing towards Dafa! My personal opinion is that no matter how abundant the money I have is, I should never feel that it's more than enough. No matter how small the funds I have, I should still feel that I have an infinite amount of money. We should all hold the righteous thought that, no matter how much money is spent, it will be returned - -there will always be enough money.

Here, I would like to share my personal feeling. While sending forth righteous thoughts, add the thought of eliminating the evil cutting us off from our rightful finances, and instead, push the funds toward our Fa validation projects. Everything has a fate. If the funds do not flow toward the evil side, they will flow toward our side.

Master and Dafa have given me so much. This is my first time writing an experience sharing paper. I might not have expressed myself well, but I just wanted to share my understandings with you. Please point out any mistakes. In the meantime, I hope fellow practitioners who have a good understanding in this topic, please share your experience with us all. Let us as a whole body break through the old force interference in the financial area. Having more money would enable us to have the material resources in this human world to be better able to validate the Fa.