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Recalling Master's Lectures in Guangzhou

March 13, 2008 |   By Ming Xuan, a practitioner in northeast China

(Clearwisdom.net) I couldn't remain calm after reading the articles written by fellow practitioners recalling how Master spread the Fa. Every scene of Master's last lecture in Guangzhou replayed itself before my eyes. I believe it is my responsibility to write what I saw and witnessed in the classes so that we can leave it for future generations, for them to spread far and wide.

1. From Every Direction Practitioners Could See Master Lecturing Face to Face

Master is tall and benevolent, kind and gracious, and makes one feel that he is easy to approach. When I first saw our venerable Master, I felt like I had known him before. When Master was lecturing and explaining the Fa principles to us, we couldn't help bursting into applause many times. It was our luckiest and happiest moment as we listened to Master's lecture in person.

The stadium was fully packed with practitioners as Master taught the Fa and the exercises. I was thinking that if I could just sit beside Master or sit where I could see him face to face, how wonderful it would be! Unfortunately, I was sitting in back, far away from him. But he knew what I was thinking and knew my heart. He said that, no matter where we sat, it was all the same. As soon as Master said that, I saw him facing practitioners in every direction as he lectured. He was facing practitioners wherever they were. How miraculous! Really miraculous!! From the four sides of the stadium, no matter on which side practitioners sat, they all sat in front of Master, facing Him, and were bathed in his Buddha light. During the entire time Master lectured on the Fa, there were three big Buddhas in yellow kasayas where he sat.

After cultivating Dafa, I realize that atheism is utterly cheating people and is the root cause of the downward slide in modern people's morality. Atheism is a crooked theory that harms people.

2. Miracle on the Road: My Clothes Didn't Get Wet When It Rained

One day on our way back to the hotel from the lecture, some other practitioners and I were sharing our experiences. When I looked up, I noticed that the windshield wipers of a car coming toward us were wiping back and forth and that rain was dripping down the car window. Only then did we realize that it was raining. It was not a light rain, either--the road was all wet. Wherever we went, though, there was no rain. All the way to the hotel, our clothes didn't get wet at all!

3. Master Purified Practitioners' Bodies

I started cultivation because I had poor health. In the seminar, Master purified the bodies of practitioners. Master had us stand up, relax, and think of our diseases. If anyone didn't have any diseases, he told us to think of relatives who had diseases. He had us stamp our right foot first, then stamp our left foot. I saw Master's large hand wave to collect bad things from everyone. Black, murky water dripped down from Master's hand. Master threw it on the ground and stamped his foot on it. We heard a big sound and felt our bodies become light in a way we had never experienced before. Like Master said in Zhuan Falun, "After I removed the bad things from your body yesterday, most of you felt that your whole body was light and very comfortable."

In the seminar, Master also said that he didn't need to cure disease with his hands, and that when he looked at you, his gong went over to you to cure your disease. When Master looked at me, I instantly felt the surge of a hot current that came down from my head to my toes, through my whole body, purifying my body. As Master was lectured, I realized that he was doing guanding to every genuine practitioner.

4. Pure Land

Practitioners attending the seminar in Guangzhou came from every corner of the country. They were from Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc. After listening to Master's lectures over several days, we had changed our views and perspectives. During that time, anything that was lost was later found. Practitioners handed in whatever they picked up, such as money, a watch, and a gold necklace. This was in sharp contrast to the low moral level in Chinese society, where people resorted to every means and dared to do anything to get money.

Some practitioners came to Guangzhou early and didn't bring enough money with them. Practitioners who came late or had enough money generously offered help. It was common that practitioners helped those with difficulties and were always considerate and thinking of others first.

Wherever Master went and held a seminar, the morality of practitioners rose, and this helping-each-other phenomena became commonplace. No wonder ordinary people said that Master's Zhuan Falun was a great "Fa" with high morality, and that genuine Falun Gong practitioners were all good people. It was truly a pure land in Falun Gong.

5. Lucky Dragon Presented its Magnificence and Splendor

One night, several of us were studying Master's lecture of the day and we also shared personal experiences at the hotel. Outside, we heard other practitioners shouting that two dragons had appeared in the sky. We went up to the top level with other practitioners. We looked up and saw two white dragons hovering together in the sky above the hotel. We even clearly saw the dragons' mustaches.

During Master's lecture, we saw beaming rosy light in the sky above the stadium at all times, and Falun were rotating everywhere. The dragon that represented good luck was present. Everything was so splendid! The grass and trees around us bloomed colorfully.

Ever since our Venerable Master started spreading Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) in China and around the world, the Udumbara flowers have started to appear around the world and in China. According to the Buddhist sutras, the Udumbara flowers blossom every three thousand years. The appearance of the Udumbara flowers means that the Holy Law Wheel King is rectifying the Fa in the human world.