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Teenage Son of New York Real Estate Agent: "Divine Performing Arts Leads Me to Experience China with My Soul"

February 08, 2008 |   By He Yu in New York

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the premiere of the 2008 Chinese New Year Splendor staged at Radio City Music Hall in New York, this reporter has interviewed audience members at each show and has experienced many touching stories every day. An unusual thing happened after the seventh show, February 4.

Many people lingered in the lobby for quite a while after the show. I was interviewing an elderly Chinese, while a teenager who looked about ten years old stood aside silently and patiently. After I finished my interview, the teenager began asking me questions.

"What's in your hand? What were you doing just now?" he asked while pointing at the recording pen in my hand.

I answered, "It's recording pen, just now I helped that elderly man record his impression on the show."

"Who will listen to this voice [recording]?"

"[It's for] those people who do not have opportunity to see the show, particularly the people in mainland China..."

"Can you help me record my impression?"

"Of course, I'm just waiting for you..."

I had a feeling that I was a bit dramatic, but the teenager's words were even more unexpected.

"My name is James Watson, I'm 15 years old, and I'm in high school. I saw China before with my eyes, but this show tonight led me to experience China with my soul. It's really great! Each and every dancer performed appropriately, displaying all kinds of beauty which really deeply touched my heart, and also inspired me." In contrast with the beauty of the show, James also saw the other side of modern China, that is the Communist Party and its hatchet men.

When talking about the program that was the most impressive, James thought the performers in the drum dance performed with their hearts and enthusiasm. The choreography was exquisite; touching and inspirational. James said that he would recommend the Divine Performing Arts show to his classmates, telling them that if they truly want to see China, they must come to see the Divine Performing Arts show.

After listening to his impression, the reporter looked up for the parents of this extraordinary teenager. Three people smiled and looked at me, so we approached each other.

They were James' real estate agent father, his wife, and James' older sister. Mr. Portnoyd's petite wife said, "I liked every program. The one with fairies dancing among the waves was especially beautiful." "The programs of the show also incorporated many cultural elements. Everything is wonderful."