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Like Flowers Blooming Everywhere, Truth-Clarification Materials Reach Far and Wide

February 27, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) With the pushing forward of the Fa-rectification, the material centers are blossoming everywhere. In our area, we write truth-clarification messages on paper currency, which is just like a small flower, and it also comes into bloom quietly...

In our town, we did not have a material center, and our materials came from fellow practitioners out of town. With our deeper understanding of the Fa and the improving of the level of our cultivation, we have enlightened to this: we are Falun Dafa practitioners on the path of assisting Master, rectifying the Fa and walking on the path to godhood. But we were not walking alongside fellow practitioners; we were lagging far behind. We knew we must follow the path correctly and catch up.

Once when we were having the group Fa-study, one fellow practitioner said, "Falun Dafa practitioners are really great. When we withdrew money from the bank, we found that there were truth-clarifying messages on the money." When he said this we were all encouraged. We started to write messages on the paper currency and made it truth-clarifying material. Like a flower, it was planted, sprouted, blossomed and ripened into a fruit.

After coming back home from the Fa-study group, I started to write the truth-clarifying messages on paper currency. On the next day, I went out to use the money and I also told a fellow practitioner about this. I had a small booth, and this fellow practitioner sold food items there. This was really great since we now had our own market. Ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars; we used every kind of paper currency. There is another fellow practitioner whose son-in-law runs a store. Besides using the paper currency herself, she also gives some to her son-in-law to use in his store. We exchanged money into smaller notes at the bank, and we have whole packs of paper currency. I write the truth-clarification messages on it one after another. A senior fellow practitioner also joins in. She not only writes by herself, she also helps me by passing on the money to her relatives. She also uses the money for her grandson to buy study supplies. I am not an exception, either. Besides supplying fellow practitioners with the paper currency that has the truth-clarifying messages on it, whatever currency I spend are all the paper currency with the truth-clarifying messages on it. My son also uses the paper currency with the truth-clarifying messages on it, and he exchanges the paper currency with those peddlers who need the smaller notes to give customers change. One friend who runs a clothing store also exchanges her larger bills into smaller ones from me.

One more interesting thing is that another fellow practitioner also has started running a business. She and her husband (who listens to the Fa sometimes but does not do the exercises), go to every single village and town, and set up a stall to sell snacks. This gave us another outlet for the spread of the currency.

We do not use the computer or printer. Without the help of a printer, we all hand-write it, and can thus be more creative and up-to-date with the content. We write and write, and develop a very good handwriting. When I could not do all the handwriting, I went to find two fellow practitioners (a married couple who are retired intellectuals). I invited them to write the truth-clarifying messages with me on the paper currency. This way, what is written on the paper currency is of a higher quality. Their home is actually a small clinic, and the male practitioner is a doctor as well as a pharmacist. They are good at talking and clarifying the truth. They are using the paper currency with high efficiency.

Other fellow practitioners also joined us in writing truth-clarifying messages on paper currency. Another Fa-study group also followed the same method. Sometimes we cooperate with each other.

We know how to write, circulate, and spend this currency with discretion. We also use the paper currency with the truth-clarification messages on it as a topic to validate the Fa. We help each other, work together, and cooperate well. Our paper currency with the truth-clarification messages on it, along with our righteous thoughts and compassion, is in constant circulation, spanning thousands of miles. They dismantle the evil spirits, drive away the black hands and rotten demons to save the countless sentient beings.

When we are preparing truth-clarification messages on paper currency, we are also cultivating ourselves, cultivating away our laziness, cultivating our compassion to save the sentient beings and building up our eternal mighty virtue. We hope this small flower will glow with beauty and usher in a glorious springtime.