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Elderly Mr. Hu Zengxiang Dies after Seven Days of Police Brutality in Shandong Province

February 24, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Hu Zengxiang, around 70 years old, lived in Qiansuozhuang Village, Guozhuang Township, Lu County, Shandong Province. On December 29, 2007, police arrested him from his home, ransacked his house, and took away two thousand yuan cash, computer discs, and other truth-clarification materials. They said they were searching for a Falun Dafa radio station. Later, the police tried to cover the facts and spread a rumor saying that they "did not arrest Mr. Hu Zengxiang, for he had escaped." In fact, they tortured him seven days in detention. When he was released home, his feet were swollen to 5 inches in diameter, and one of his toes fell off as result of frostbite, his collarbone was broken, and he could not take care of himself. He was first detained by the Village officials, and they did not allow anyone to visit. Mr. Hu was eventually found dead in his home.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials spread a rumor that Mr. Hu escaped during the arrest, sat in meditation in the mountains for seven days, and gotten frostbitten. But who found him and when? Why would they not let people know about this and see him immediately? It was February 12, 2008 when his neighbors found his body at home. This case is still under investigation.

Guozhuang Township Police Station: 86-633-6691110, Director Lu (male, given name unknown)
Guozhuang Township government: 86-633-6691011
Qiansuozhuang Village CCP Committee Secretary Sun Qingdong (male): 86-633-6698254
Village Chair Hu Yuchun (male): 86-633-6698180
Neighborhood Administration Chief Dong Zhunzeng (male) 86-633-6698726

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February 21, 2008