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A Practitioner Suffering from Torture-Induced Mental Disorder is Sent Back to Prison

February 20, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Shuxia from Hujia Village, Tiefa Town, Diaobingshan City, Liaoning Province, is 45 years old. In January, 2000, she went to appeal for Falun Gong and was detained by Diaobingshan City Police. She suffered inhuman torture in a detention center. Jail policeman Jin Pengfei tortured her many times with electric batons and shackles. Ms. Wang could not bear the mental persecution and physical torture and soon developed a mental disorder. She was then released.

In 2002, the public security departments of Diaobingshan City arrested her because someone said she was doing Falun Gong exercises outside. They sentenced her to forced labor for three years and sent her to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Here, Ms. Wang again suffered torture and her mental disorder got even worse. The forced labor camp then confined her to a dark and cold solitary compartment, with her hands hanging in the air. They did not allow anyone to be in contact with her. No one knows how she was able to survive. In 2005 she was released.

In November, 2007, she took a television and a DVD player and went to a popular market to play the a video explaining the truth about the persecution. Even before she played anything, she was arrested by police from Hongfang Police Station and was sent to the City Police Station State Security. Her daughter and others went to Zhang Fenglai, the head of the local State Security office and requested the release of Ms. Wang. Despite the situation, Zhang Fenglai handed Ms. Wang over to the judicial administration. On January 15th, 2008, the Diaobingshan Court secretly put Ms. Wang on trial.

We call strongly for everyone's effort to stop this inhuman persecution and to release Ms. Wang Shuxia.

Main responsible person: Li Dejun - Vice Mayor, 86-410-6962560, 86-13804102925(Cell)
General Secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs: Wang Jingxue 86-410-6865243. 86-410-6875100, 86-410-6925099, 86-13704103298(Cell)
Chief Judge Chen Chunming: 86-410-6879997, 86-410-6876866, 86-13470128777(Cell)

Police Station Director Fu Xiaodong: 86-410-6992018, 86-410-6992001, 86-410-6865388, 86-13591692111(Cell)
State Security Captain Zhang Fenglai: 86-410-6865445, 86-13941098399(Cell)
State Security Instructor Wang Xueping: 86-410-6992028, 86-13050814156(Cell)