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Firmly Believing in Teacher and the Fa, I Recovered in No Time from a Stroke

February 17, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I'm an over 60-year-old practitioner from Wu City, Hubei Province. I suffered a stroke on New Year's Eve, 2008. As a result, I became squint-eyed, my nose and mouth went slack, and my left eyebrow and the left side of my face were paralyzed. My face, my heart, my brain, and several other parts of my body hurt. I had constipation and could barely move. My family got worried when they saw my condition and wanted to take me to the hospital. But in my heart, I believed that only Teacher and Dafa could save me.

Because I believed in Teacher and the Fa, a miracle happened two days later. At first, a foul fluid came up my throat. Later, I vomited blood, pus, and liquid. The more I vomited, the better I felt. I knew Teacher was cleansing my body. I felt very lucky to be a Dafa practitioner!

A week later, I only had a slight toothache and I no longer felt any pain. I was able to move around and work normally. Two weeks later, my face was almost back to normal, my eyes were brighter, and my facial muscles had returned to normal. By Chinese New Year's Eve on February 6, I had fully recovered. No one could tell that I had had a stroke. It only took a little over a month from when I had the stroke until I was fully recovered. I did not even spend a dime and did not have to take any medications or injections, and I was cured.