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Chinese New Year's Eve Concert at Taiwan Chungli Minghui School is a Visual and Audio Feast

February 16, 2008 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of February 2, 2008, students of the Minghui School at Chungli, Taiwan organized a Chinese New Year's Eve concert at the Social Education Hall in Pingchen City, Taoyuan County. Accompanied by an ongoing "Truthfulness-Compassionate-Tolerance International Art Exhibition," the concert provided local residents with a feast of visual and audio enjoyment.

Teacher Tang, one of the administrators of the Minghui School, said that the students come to school on Saturday afternoon. Besides Fa study and exercises, the students are also taught arts, including music, crafts, English language, etc. In the music classes, they have learned many melodies composed by Falun Dafa practitioners. Some students also bring the music scores home and play them with skill on their musical instruments. Most of the students also participated in the waist drum performance, so the concert was ready.

Students from Minghui School visit the "Truthfulness-Compassionate-Tolerance International Art Exhibition" at Social Education Hall in Pingchen City, Taoyuan County

Waist drum performance by young Falun Dafa practitioners

Minghui School Chinese New Year's Eve Concert

Audience likes the Erhu and French Horn performance

The concert started with a waist drum performances of "Happiness" and "Celebration." Next, the students played various musical instrument solos and together. The musical instruments included electronic keyboard, glockenspiel, clarinet, Erhu, lute, organ, French Horn, etc. The guests were impressed with the students' talents.

The last performance was a chorus "Lotus Flowers." The song tells people how Falun Dafa improved their health and purified their minds. The students then passed out lotus flowers to the audience.

After the concert, the students visited the International Art Exhibition. The students learned how to appreciate paintings and how to paint. In addition, through the paintings about the tortures, the children learned to appreciate their happy lives, and learned the importance of helping others.