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Guards and Inmates in Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province Torture Falun Dafa Practitioners

December 29, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners are detained in the No.1 Team in Heilongjiang Province Suihua Forced Labor Camp. They are referred to as the "Falun Gong team." Associate Team Leader Liu Wei, Political Instructor Gao Zhonghai, Team Leader Lian Xing, Diao Xuexong, and guards Jin Qingfu, Li Jian, Shi Jian, and Li Xichun have been very cruel to practitioners in the labor camp.

They have tortured practitioners to varying degrees. Some practitioners were hung from a wall while handcuffed behind their backs, and their heads were covered with plastic bags.

They were also burned, force-fed mustard oil, and had cold water poured over their heads. They were forced to sit still on an iron chair and their fingers were burned with cigarettes. Bamboo sticks were shoved under their fingernails, and they were shocked with electric batons and were beaten with rubber sticks. They were kicked, punched, and slapped in the face, forced to stand for a very long time, deprived of sleep, forced to do continuous hard labor, were not allowed to buy food or daily necessaries from a store inside the camp, or to use the bathroom.

Guards also attempted to force practitioners to write the Three Statements, using the excuse that they needed to follow the rules of the labor camp.

Practitioners Bai Shulin, Zhao Dezhi, Wang Chunjiang, Bian Baoli, Song Hongtao, Cao Guodong, Lian Tao, Liu Jingzhou, Wu Hongzhu, Wang Chunyu, Zhan Xingchao, Dong Xuekun, Zhang Chuanxi, Jiang Weimin, Li Shuwen, Han Mingquan, Cui Jinggui, and Wang Boyan have been subjected to different degrees of torture.

In fall of 2007, guard Jin Qingfu ordered the practitioners to sing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) songs. The practitioners refused, so Jin called practitioners Tie Zhijie and Li Yunbiao into his office, handcuffed them, and then beat them.

When Mr. Li came back to his cell, both his head and chest were injured, and he had difficulty breathing and eating.

Mr. Tie's face was swollen, and even after many days, the injuries on his face were still visible. After that, the guards again tried to force them to sing the CCP songs and recite the labor camp rules. They ordered criminal inmates to watch the practitioners, and if they didn't sing loudly enough, they would be beaten. They were not allowed to speak all day long on a daily basis, and were forced to sit on a small stool to restrict their mobility.

Inmates at the labor camp were supposed to take a break after lunch, but practitioners were not allowed a break. Not only that, they had to sit on a stool for more than an hour in the evenings before they could go to bed. Their terms were also extended without cause. One time, after guard Jin Qingfu beat the practitioners and left, criminal inmates continued beating them. This time, the guards that participated in this were Diao Xuesong, Jin Qingfu, and Li Yingjun.

In November 2007, practitioners refused to sing or write or recite anything created by the CCP. Guard Qu Jiantao instigated criminal inmates to torment practitioners psychologically and physically. It was fairly warm inside the room in the winter, but Wei Chunhui ordered criminals to force practitioner Xie Jiezhou (nearly 70 years old) to do physical exercises and stand while wearing a thick winter coat. They also forced him to sing CCP songs, recite labor camp rules, and write the "Three Statements." Mr. Xie was very tired and hot, but he was not allowed to take off his thick winter coat or have a break. As a result, he suffered a great deal both mentally and physically.

In 2007, Mr. Dai Zong was carried to the labor camp because he was already very weak and could hardly stand by himself. Guard Diao Xuesong still forced him to read numbers out loud, sing the CCP songs and recite labor camp rules. He was very nearsighted, so he could not see clearly and some criminals took advantage of him by tripping him on purpose. The collaborators also beat him. He finally couldn't stand up any more, nor could he eat anything, and he became bedridden. The labor camp authorities finally had to notify his family to come to take him home.

At the end of 2007, practitioner Mr. Wang Chunjiang refused to write the so-called "transformation" brochure, which always has words defaming Dafa. He was called by the guards into their offices, where they covered his head with a plastic bag and hung him up. He eventually passed out. The guards responsible for torturing him were Diao Xuesong, Wang Xiaobin, and Li Jian, who also burned his fingers with a lighter.

In June 2008, practitioner Qi Wenbin was allegedly behind in his forced labor quota, so his term was extended by guard Wang Xiaobin. The guard also tortured him so the at he ended up passing out in his cell. His physical condition deteriorated steadily so that he couldn't see certain things, his movement became very slow, and he had difficulty in his bowel movements and in urination. In the end, he could not stand up anymore, and when it was mealtime, it took four people to drag him to eat. The four criminal inmates did not care whether Mr. Qi got hurt or not, so they dragged him any which way. They broke the skin on the backs of his feet, which bled badly.

In July 2008, when practitioner Sheng Yanjun refused to sign a form, he was hung up while handcuffed behind his back and only the tips of his toes touched the ground. Guard Li Jian beat Mr. Sheng and a plastic bag was put over Mr. Sheng's head. The guards who participated in the torture were Long Kuibin, Diao Xuesong, Jin Qingfu, Li Jian, and Wang Xiaobin.

In August 2008, practitioner Ding Xuesen refused to write the so-called Three Statements or wear criminal clothes. He was stripped and hung up while handcuffed behind his back. The guards and criminal inmates also shocked him with electric batons. His bruises were visible for a long time. Guards who participated in torturing him were Diao Xuesong, Jin Qingfu, and others. The criminals involved included Sun Chengfu and Sun Lifeng.

The above are only a few of the people from Suihua Forced Labor Camp involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.