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Philadelphia Audience Touched by Divine Performing Arts (Photos)

December 23, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) show deeply impressed the audience in Philadelphia's Merriam Theater on the afternoon of December 20, 2008.

Audience on the afternoon of December 20

Audience on the afternoon of December 20

Standing ovation at the end of the show

Ms. Docena Blyden (left) and Ms. Jessica Peterson

Ms. Docena Blyden, who is a poet, writer and publisher, founded a company called Dark Vision. She said with excitement, "I enjoyed every minute of it! I am so happy I came! From now on, I will come to see it every year. It was beautiful! The costumes, the colors, the dances, and the music! I can't wait until next time. If I have to pick which was the most unforgettable, I have to say the dance where the husband died but went to heaven... It was the message that came out: Hope! That's what I write about: Triumph over evil."

Frank, his daughter and daughter's friend

Chinese-American chemist Frank took his daughter and her friend to see the show. He said, "I am very excited, mainly because of the meaning of the show. It can't be found in other shows. Especially in the last program, many Gods, Buddhas and Taos came down to the world. It created a different feeling... I used to have big mental obstacles because of the education that I got from the Communist Party. I used to not accept things related Gods and Buddhas. I don't have this problem now. I think Gods and Buddhas in Chinese culture are great... I used to only admire Falun Gong because among the persecuted Chinese, only Falun Gong is bold and straightforward on its anti-persecution stand. After I learned more about Falun Gong, I feel what they say makes sense."

Non-profit executive David Schrader (first from right), his wife (second from right) and their friends

Mr. David Schrader, an executive at the American Philosophical Association, watched the show with his wife and friends. He said, "We have been to China several times. We have seen some Chinese dancing and instrumental music, but this show is different. Two differences I think: One is in the vocal music. The musician here had a more western style of singing. Certainly the kind of message here has stronger Buddhist tones. In China, you see some honoring of Buddhism tradition, but it is among other traditions."

Two more DPA shows are scheduled in Merriam Theater at 7:30 p.m. on the same day and 2:30 the next day.