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My Cultivation Path in Falun Dafa

December 16, 2008 |   By a practitioner in Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings revered Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

Since beginning cultivation in 1996, I have gradually matured with my firm belief in Master and the Fa under Master's compassionate care. I now share with everyone my cultivation experiences during the past twelve years.

Obtaining the Fa

Since I was little I always believed in the existence of gods and Buddhas. I often saw beings from other dimensions in my dreams, or in broad daylight when I was wide awake. Many things that occurred in my dreams also materialized in reality. However, I couldn't find good teachers to guide me to true cultivation, so I worshiped possessing spirits instead, which led to my deteriorating health. I felt weak all over, and my chest and back were burdened with unknown objects. I couldn't eat or sleep well, and eventually I was unable to go out for a walk.

One night, during a dream, I suddenly felt a chill from head to toe. My dream conjured a man with a scary face and wide-open eyes coming toward me. He held a bowl filled with red blood. I knew that once he poured the blood on me I would have to go with him, and I thought I was done for this time. Just at that moment, a giant hand lifted me up and I heard a voice, "Grab a red lantern!" I looked up and saw many red lanterns. I grabbed one red lantern and then looked down to find that man shaking his head in frustration since the blood didn't get onto me. He left defeated.

When I woke up from the dream I felt that this was a really close call, and I wondered which divine being had saved me. Two nights later, when I had just turned off the light and lay down in bed, I suddenly saw white light rippling through the room like fireworks. The whole room was very bright, and I just watched quietly. I knew this was a good thing, and it was Buddha light shining, but I had no idea what kind of good fortune was going to befall me.

The next morning I pulled myself together and went out for a walk. Unexpectedly, I ran into a former high school teacher. He introduced me to Falun Gong, and I was thus blessed to get to know the Fa. Because of my weakness, initially I merely read the book Zhuan Falun, without learning the exercises. Within about one week I was strong enough to do some household chores, and my whole family was extremely pleased.

Master Removed my Spirit Possessions

One night in bed I suddenly heard a voice asking me, "Do you still want us?" I suddenly realized that was spirit possessions talking to me. I hadn't finished reading Zhuan Falun yet and didn't know how to answer. I was very frightened, fearing they would harm me. I decided to hurry to read every page of Zhuan Falun, and was determined to cultivate Dafa.

Several nights later the same voice sounded again, "Do you want us or not?" I said firmly, "Quickly, leave me. I no longer want you since I now practice Dafa!" They then asked, "Are you at a higher level than we are?" I replied, "No matter how high your level is, it is no match for a Buddha's level. Buddhas impose no conditions when it comes to saving people!" At that instant I felt the field surrounding me becoming very clear.

Master Purified My Body

Before I learned all five sets of exercises I meditated whenever I had time. One night while meditating I suddenly sensed all of my organs disappearing without a trace, and I was only an empty shell. A spinning Falun quickly swiped through me, from my stomach all the way up to my throat. Then a gust of wind swirled out of my mouth. This phenomenon repeated itself over the course of about a week.

In the past I suffered from chest pain and I sought all kinds of treatments, to no avail. After beginning my cultivation, one night I suddenly vomited a lot of bloody liquid, with black chunks in it. Just like that, after this happened the chest pain that had bothered me for over ten years was completely gone.

During the 1997 Chinese New Year holiday I was playing with my family when I suddenly became completely paralyzed. My family asked me what happened. I was extremely clearheaded at the moment, but I couldn't talk or move. I felt something very comfortable drilling through my head. In about two minutes, everything returned to normal. But not long after, the same thing happened again. I knew it was Master purifying my brain. I had suffered from migraines for thirty years, and they disappeared that day without a trace.

Master purified my body and changed me into a brand new person who began a new life path.

Hints from Master

One night I was doing the second set of exercises - "Falun Standing Stance" - when my husband turned on the TV and our children started running around in the house. It was very noisy, so I went out to practice in the front yard. Not long after it became windy, so I went back inside to continue the exercises. Because the children were everywhere, I went from one room to another before eventually finishing this exercise. That night I heard Master telling me in my dream, "Don't move around when exercising." I came to know the seriousness of practicing the exercises.

Another time I was very angry at my husband. That night I heard Master's voice, "Angry again?" I knew compassionate Master was watching me all the time.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Gong. At that time I made up my mind to follow Master to the end of my cultivation, even if I was the only practitioner left amid the persecution. That night in my dream I saw Master come to my house wearing a gray suit. I walked up and knelt down, "Master!" Tears ran down my face and I couldn't talk. Master gently lifted my face with His warm hand, saying, "Don't cry! Cheer up and cultivate solidly." Then Master gradually disappeared. I was still in tears when I woke up. I remembered what Master said in my dream and told myself, "I must cheer up and do what I'm supposed to do."

Safeguarding the Fa

On October 24, 1999, I went with two other practitioners to Beijing to validate the Fa. At around 10 o'clock the next morning we arrived at Tiananmen Square. We saw police cars patrolling the square, and one police car suddenly stopped in front of me. A policeman asked, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I ignored him. He grabbed me and forced me into the car.

When we got to the Tiananmen Police Station I heard applause. It turned out the police had already arrested over one thousand practitioners and detained them there. I stood next to the other practitioners, and we recited some of Master's teachings in unison. The police walked around practitioners. Suddenly my fear emerged. A fellow practitioner held my hands and said gently, "Don't be afraid. Master is right here by your side." My head was ringing, and her voice resonated as if it came from the sky. Tears streamed down my face and I said, "It's Master's voice." I asked, "Why can't I stop crying?" The practitioner replied, "The knowing side of you has seen Master. Master has been waiting for us. His hair turned gray and His eyes were dripping bloody tears."

My heart broke at her words, and my fear was completely gone. Master had given us all He had. Now that Dafa was being attacked and Master defamed, how could practitioners not seek justice for Dafa and Master? I felt extremely light at this thought.

In the afternoon the police transferred us to a stadium where thousands of practitioners were held. The police didn't let us use the restroom and forbade us from moving around. They also randomly grabbed a practitioner and beat him or her. But practitioners were not intimidated. We sat down and meditated together. At night the police separated us and sent us to different places. I lost contact with the two practitioners who came to Beijing with me. I was sent to the Daxing Prison in a Beijing suburb. They body-searched me, taking the only half-yuan I had.

Numerous practitioners from various provinces were detained in the same cell I was. We studied the Fa and shared experiences. When the police interrogated me they asked, "Are you here to rectify the Fa or safeguard the Fa?" I was curious that the police also knew about rectifying the Fa or safeguarding the Fa. I replied, "I'm here to safeguard the Fa and say fair words for Dafa." The police asked, "To which level of government do you want to appeal? What do you want to say to them?" I said, "I want all levels of government, from bottom to top, to know that Falun Dafa is a good cultivation practice that can keep people fit and improve their health. I have benefited tremendously from Falun Dafa." I saw the police record what I said.

With Master's Care, I Was Safe

Three days later the police sent me back to my local police department. On the way back, they had me sit on a spare battery placed in the car. I didn't care a bit about where I sat and just focused on clarifying the truth to the police. Soon I found my hands were stained red, and a large area of my pants was torn into shreds. I had no idea what had happened to me. Later, when mentioning this to another practitioner, she said the battery must have been full of sulfuric acid. Not until then did I realize the police's intention of having me sit on that battery. But my hands were intact, and I was not injured. I knew Master had suffered everything for me.

Master Gave Me Hints to Maintain Righteous Thoughts

Following my return from Beijing I was held in the local police department for seven days before I was transferred to a brainwashing center. The police ransacked my home, but they failed to find anything they wanted. They pressured me to give up my cultivation, using coercion and threats. At the same time, my family also cursed me and begged me to abandon my practice. I sometimes felt suffocated from the pressure. I didn't know then about negating the old forces and I passively endured the tribulation. The tremendous mental pressure often made me feel I was facing a life-or-death test. But Dafa was deeply rooted in my mind, and nothing could shake my faith in Master and the Fa.

One day, while still incarcerated, in my dream I saw Master extremely happy. He was running along a narrow and high dam, leaving giant and deep footprints behind Him. I followed closely, but soon I couldn't keep pace with Master. I heard Master say, "Follow your Master till the end." He repeated the same sentence several times. I came to understand that we still had a long way to go, and the path was a treacherous and complicated Fa-rectification road. I must hold to my firm belief in Dafa and closely follow Master, to return to my original home. Strong righteous thoughts gradually arose in my heart, and twenty-eight days later I was released.

We have gone through numerous tribulations and come this far. We must cherish the path we have traveled. We are still cultivating and we still harbor human notions. We shall remind each other and strengthen our righteous thoughts. Let's form an indestructible whole body, eliminate the evil and reach consummation together!